The Last Full moon of winter

Woo Hooo! It’s sure is fun to say that!  This power-time is also known as:

The Quickening Moon…or the Worm Moon.

We begin to feel the subtle shift of creative life beginning inside ourselves…and inside the earth.

We had a bit of a false start with some unseasonably warm weather..which was awesome! But now my little eager bulbs are tucked back in,  under a blanket of snow.

The Sun is in Watery Pisces and the Moon is in Earthy VIrgo

Look for the Virgo symbol (the one that looks like an ‘M’) and the Pisces Symbol In your chart to see which ‘houses’ will be activated for the next few days. This will give you some personal insights on how to best activate these energies in your personal life for this full moon cycle.

No chart? No worries.

Pure intentions when met with clear action (for the good of all concerned) is the higher purpose of this moon. We also have a chance to balance the creative right brain with the systematic left brain for some powerful results that can surprise you and create the breakthrough that you need.

Watch out for escapism, a negative Pisces trait, that’ll keep ya out of the game all together.. or perfectionism, a shadow Virgo trait that can take you out before you even begin.

To appease both the detail oriented Virgo and the dreamy Pisces within us all, Here are some suggestions for your own personal full moon celebration:

  • Designate a dream journal, remember to date your entries. Keep recording your night dreams and daydreams all the way up to  the next full moon cycle and see what wants to manifest. You’ll be able to  track emerging patterns and capture insights from your deep psyche, especially now.
  • Organize your art supplies. just moving them around can be therapeutic. Maybe display them in a way that’s appealing and more easy to play with.

  • Use your art supplies!!! Creating form out of the formless is a perfect activity for right now. See if you can incorporate some kind of sign or magical symbol in your art.
  • Can’t do it today? Plan a creative effort. Sound counter-intuitive? I assure you it’s not! Put it on your calendar and you’ll have your playtime.
  • Too cold to play in the garden..I know I know. Weed a closet instead. Could it be finally time to get rid of the pieces that make you feel bad?..Worn out sexy shoes an unpleasant memory attached to a pretty dress, a top with a fabric you don’t like, or a color that looks weird on you, it’s a little too big here , and too tight there…just because it’s unflattering on you, doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it. If you don’t love it, go ahead and give it away to your favorite charity box or arrange for pickup.  Let someone else love it. Now you can fully appreciate the  wonderful pieces that do make you happy, and get them front and center.
  • Dream up a game plan for your bee-fairy butterfly garden..Research local organic suppliers and order perennial plant species for your specific area that the bees, butterflies and fairies may like to visit….or maybe just look out the window and designate a corner for some wildflowers this year.


  • Create a ritual that includes meditation on your life’s purpose, how you might serve humanity, how you can use your latent talents, and write out something (anything!) that comes forward for you. Now take one aligned action… a baby step if you wish..and watch the magic unfurl for you.

Blessed Be!!!

XO Jessamina


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