Stress Reducing Bellydance

Bellydance for Stress Reduction with Jessamina

You are a timeless woman. Enjoy and embody the ancient art of conscious dance.
Where gorgeous self-expression, fun fitness and self discovery meet.

Bellydancing is an empowering experience for women of all ages and fitness levels. It’s fun and functional and helps women feel beautiful. The movements are non-impact with a focus on posture for a strong, aligned foundation to build the movements on.

The Restorative Sessions  Series are designed to:

  • Help counter depression and lethargy

  • Become a Stronger, More toned ,more relaxed and flexible luminous woman

  • Shake off the stress of everyday life

  • When you assume these ancient postures and engage in these specialized movements it’s effective strength training, that looks great on every woman.  You are setting the perfect foundation for walking and moving your body with grace and power everyday.  Which is just gorgeous, of course, and makes you look more beautiful and confident.  You’re a magnetic force of nature.

  • Get a workout that’ll make you feel good all week.

  • But This is much more than just a Workout When you give yourself the gift of rest, when you allow the energy of a meditation healing session into your busy life, you nourish and balance your energy system , improve body awareness ,and improve your health.  Releasing the past, Creating time for contemplation, meditation and expansion generates new ideas and then makes space for more blessings of every kind to come in to your life. We’ll make time for all of that.

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