Lovely Libra and how you are loving yourself..

The nighttime comes sooner now that we’ve crossed over the threshold of Autumn.

The moonless star filled sky over the next few nights beckons you outside. The promise and the reward of hope and wonder, the pure potentiality of limitlessness as you ponder the tiny points of light that go on forever… on a clear evening, of course.

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If you are wakeful pre-dawn, try to trek outside in your cozies for some stargazing and check out the tiny sliver of the witchy moon flanked closely by Venus (also in Libra right now) and Mars. Cool!

Speaking of cool, the new moon in Libra offers new opportunities for paradoxical thinking as well as diplomatic solutions. It’s a different type of creativity.

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Although Libra is ruled by Venus, Goddess of love, there are some types of things that are not so lovely that get highlighted right now,. These are the things that suck all the fun out of life. The ways we can trip ourselves up and frig up a good thing.

It’s just a caution.

Here are a few things you’ll wanna look out for during this transit.

Libra watch out

See what I mean? It’s the no-fun stuff.

It’s where we can take ourselves out of the game, set ourselves up for disappointment, confusion, resentment and frustration. All these things put a wrinkle your brow or a purse in your lips …it’s not your best look, Goddess!

Libra scales

So Goddess, What is the longing in your heart ? What weighs heavy on your mind?

Well..Now is the perfect time to set it right.
The Libra energy is all about Balance..(and beauty..and truth)

Where do you need to bring some more balance or harmony into your life?
Here is an opportunity to create your new reality.

Look for ways to bring balance, beauty, truth anywhere that needs it!


 During this New Moon partnerships and relationships are highlighted:

  • your relationship to your self- How can you create more self loving and acceptance?
  • Your relationships with others- Is it time for deeper connections? or pulling away?
  • Your relationship to your health- What’s out of balance with your self care?
  • Your relationship to your body- Where are you kind, loving..and unkind, unloving?
  • Your relationship with food- is it nourishing?
  • Your relationship to discipline, responsibility, diplomacy, peacemaking, fairness and justice…even your relationship with balance!

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You can change or improve your relationships any time..but this timing is especially potent! 

I have an intense preoccupation with the ins and outs of relationships with my own Libra Rising. Becoming a relationship coach and marriage educator gave me the opportunity to align and  improve my own relationship and help others do it too. Children can live with happier parents, and have a healthier example of relationships in general, which impacts their entire lives and their own successful future relationships.  When a family can discover ways to get along in peace,  each member is stronger and more successful and effective.

When you enable positive change in even one member of a couple (or family), the whole relationship (or family) transforms. 

But, this isn’t just for couples and families..

Individuals get to free themselves from negative relationship histories, abusive or destructive relationship patterns and bad breakups – and finally be the kind of spouse, partner (and/or parent) they always wanted to be…which is so much more attractive to the right kind of partner for a really hot and harmonious kind of relationship.

Besides, being angry totally affects your libido (and your looks, Beautiful Goddess), and represses the feelings that nurture the healthy relationships you really want.

Harvesting the lessons of past relationships, allows you to be more self-honoring and stay in integrity the next time you are confronted with something similar.

Relationships are often sabotaged by the past… But they don’t have to be.

Vibrancy and newness can be activated with just a few tweaks to your current repertoire. Feels much more freeing too when you are finally ready to create the relationship you really want.

Right now There is a powerful New Moon Portal to work with..setting your new desires into motion. 

Make an intention to give more – or receive more in the direction of your desires…whatever is appropriate.

Post falling leaves

Move away from the things that aren’t working. Let them go, like graceful leaves .
Move confidently towards the things that make your heart, body, and mind joyful and light..and life worth living.. Your relationship to yourself is worth it.

Now is the perfect time to set it right Let’s talk privately.

If you wish, you can set your new moon intention with this simple focusing tool that reflects back the highest version of yourself, as you are right now…and be entered to win a Goddess Astrology Assessment. It’s right here below.

Love you! XO Jessamina

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