The Mama Goddess Experience

Your successful evolution into Motherhood largely depends on how you cope with the vast changes that are occurring daily.

Your Body, Your Baby, Your Relationships, Your Time….

If you are a Pregnant or Postpartum woman that wants to reduce stress and experience more bliss, beauty and radiance like a sovereign goddess in a modern world….Discover 5 elements of treating your body sacredly, while becoming the best Mama Goddess you can be.

Postpartum Jessamina

Dear Goddess,

You are invited to download this complimentary guide to get simple and easy-to-implement strategies to:

  • Finally feel connected, grounded and embodied as a divine sovereign being… a Goddess Mama!
  • Discover what one thing you should be doing every day to clear out the past and present emotional drama & trauma for better mothering, harmonious relationships and way better self care.
  • Find out the most direct way to combat hormone related depression and lethargy while increasing endurance, life-force energy and self-confidence all at the same time.
  • What sensuality really is, how to awaken it, and why you’ll need it in your new role as a Mama Goddess.
  • How to reduce stress in less than 5 minutes and stop frustration, irritation and resentment in their tracks.

This guide will get you started with some of the straightforward strategies I’ve used to feel great during and after 3 pregnancies.

Hey Goddess, Where should I send it?