This full Moon & the New Year


The Full Moon illuminates our sky exact

at 1am January 1st

Right in our New Year’s Eve Celebrations. 

I love it.

I think it would be wonderful to set an intention, consciously about making a new start.

I just cleaned the mirrors in the house and intended to see the goddess within, and to do more mirror work.

What would you like to see more clearly?

Your beauty? Or your brilliance? or your courage, talent, or worth?

All good.

I wish that for you in the new year.

 January 1st 1am- January 3rd 1am

 Cancer Goddess Powers are:

  •  nurturing others, with words, or deeds
  •  taking a nurturing stance for yourself. What do you need? ..for your body, your health, your relationships, your work?
  • Emotions and the Belly,Tune in, now, What does your Belly Say? (If you’re a water sign; Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces..or have strong influences of these in your chart, (like me) you will be even more activated at this might be more emotional or moody too. That’s OK. What do you want?
  • Pregnancy and Birth…What are you getting ready to Birth? Prepare the way for your ‘baby’, sweet Goddess.. 
  • domestication
  • Loving, sweet, affectionate, romantic, seductive interludes
  • sentimental and nostalgic thinking
  • sympathy
  • intuitiveness
  • receptiveness, 
  • heightened sensitivity 
  • Water is the ruling element of Cancer- Water, bodily fluids, the liquid state, rivers, oceans, lakes..they are all magnetic in their own way and highly programmable.  Bright Beverage Blessings!



We have access to Capricorn’s Goddess Powers

  • goal oriented, ambitious ,constructive, determined, disciplined, responsible
  • an unshakable sense of great purpose
  • hardworking, tenacious, & patient
  • practical & organized
  • high expectations & standards (be careful of the double edged sword on this one)
  • a no-nonsense approach ..yet a good sense of humor!
  • faithful & reliable
  • knowing your worth and valuing your creations

If you have a specific goal in mind, this would be a perfect time to take charge and make some real progress towards change.

Planning and plotting the best, most self-honoring path is possible right now .

Even setting an intention to do this in the near future is perfect too.
I’d like to celebrate that in 2017 I stayed committed to the things that serve me and continue to make my life run smoother, I honored my daily desires. allowed my creativity to flow, and forgave myself for the times I totally didn’t. I celebrate that too.
Mini-goals and steps are the building blocks of belief. The more of these you successfully fulfill, the more easily you can believe-and-achieve your “big” goals. These small successes are the proof you can, indeed, do anything you set your mind to.

 You are a Goddess.

It’s right timing for all of us to revisit our desires, wishes and manifestations now that we are at the start of a new year.  Especially if some of them haven’t quite come into physical form yet, or maybe still wanting to prioritize self-care, better relationships or responsibilities is coming to the forefront.
And talk to me soon  and get some movement right there, where it counts!

Let’s Have A Happy New Year!

XO Jessamina

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