Are you the May Queen?

Beltaine Celebrating

Fairy Queen by Arthur Rackham

Walking around the house looking for bees, blossoms and fey… knowing full well the fairy gates are wide open for the Beltane season. I noticed some new sweetie-blooms that I just knew I’d have to create a few minutes for. I’m finally getting my opportunity to get on hands and knees in the front garden for a spring sensual session.   I find myself face to face with the sweetest smelling lily-of-the-valleys..Ohhhh yesss.. Hands on the dirt. Blessings of the earth.

lily of the valley flower fairy by Cicely Mary Barker
Immediately I am transported back decades. I’m a teenager with Avon lily-of-the-valley perfume… absolutely innocent and lovely. (Not me, the perfume!)  I swoon a bit, which is fine with me, I like that feeling of euphoric clairalience, and connection to divinity through scent.

I plucked one tiny frond of flowers and and tucked  it behind my ear..
and crowned myself the May Queen.

You should too. Do it now! XO

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