A shift of consciousness under the Wolf Moon

Full moon eclipse cancer watch out for materialistic views, crabbiness, sarcasm & manipulative hehavior
Full moon eclipse in Cancer Jan 10

In ancient times, an eclipse was an unusual occurrence,  submerging the population into the cold dark night, with no visible “end” in sight. The wise women knew that this was a powerful dreaming time, a shift of consciousness, where you’d just embrace the darkness and the unknowable… and wait to see what’s revealed…Now is a time for some stillness, rest, and for contemplating the things that you are grateful for and the things you want to see flourish.

The Long nights are upon us..but we’ve got a full, shimmering Wolf Moon above us, in the astrological sign of Cancer, a watery emotional sign that represents the ‘Mother aspect’ and signifies;      

  • Nurturing others; with words, or deeds– also family, children, and domestic details of all kinds…
  • Taking a nurturing stance and acting on it for your own behalf. What do you need? (for your body, your health, your relationships, your work, etc) Creating boundaries is especially effective now, I know it’s not easy..It’s more of an art!
  • Cancer Moon Rules Water, If you’re a water sign; Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces..or have strong influences of these in your astrological chart, you will be even more emotionally activated at this time… but there’s also great potentiality for sweetness, affection, romance, and seduction. This includes emotional fluctuations & moodiness too.(making time to retreat a little to write some poetry or journal,  a solitary stroll in nature, a visit to an aquarium or museum may renew your spirit in wonderful ways.)
Snow Queen by Elena Ringo
  • Cancer Moon rules the Belly, Tune in, now, what does your Belly Say? Often a rejected part of the body, science says the gut is one of the most neurologically rich places on the body..Is that why you can do a ‘gut-check’ and get a strong indication of what to do next? Do that now. (or make a plan to do that) You are very intuitive, receptive and sensitive to your greater good during this transit…and also savvy to any manipulative BS that others may try to pull on you.
  • Cancer Moon rules Pregnancy and Birth...The literal kind, and the symbolic too. What are you getting ready to Birth? Are you gestating something wonderful? How can you prepare the way for your ‘baby’ or ‘brain-child’? I’d love to help you do that.

Until January 21st you’ve got access to Capricorn’s strong goal oriented, ambitious nature..as well as being more:

  • constructive, determined, disciplined, responsible
  • aware of your unshakable sense of purpose
  • hardworking, tenacious, and patient attitude
  • practicality and organization
  • aware of your expectations and standards (be careful of the double edged sword here)
  • able to take a no-nonsense approach (yet still maintain a sense of humor!)
  • faithful and reliable
  • assertive of your self worth

I love this timing. You can revisit your desires, wishes and manifestations of the last full moon…(and year). Especially if you haven’t yet brought any of it into physical form, you’ve got a chance to take charge and make some real progress. Planning and plotting the best, most self-honoring path is totally possible now.

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