Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Activating your Self care with the Super Full Moon


This full Supermoon’s in the nurturing solar gate of Cancer…. It’s encouraging more self-care through your dedicated vigilance to well-being.

How you take care of yourself evolves into a kinder, more caring way to engage with the whole world…especially in your important relationships.

Many years ago I was in a loveless, abusive relationship. My self esteem was zero and it felt like nothing was going right. Then I missed the opportunity for a lucrative promotion.

I was so distracted with my own drama, I didn’t recognize the offer.

Once I began to heal the separation between my thoughts and emotions, I was able to focus.

Sadly, I realized that my workplace AND my living arrangements were NOT respectful to my wellbeing.

I was working 80 hours a week, and always felt the imposed stress of falling behind. My boss had no problem calling me at midnight.

I knew I deserved respect and love in my relationship too. I also knew that I wouldn’t find either with this man.

Knowing what I didn’t want lead me to what I DID want…and I started believing in what was, and IS ,possible for me. (I work for myself! Happily married 24 years!)

I had to honor my emotions and use my intuition, mindfully. Consciously. Practically.

You can too.

Your emotions can be a barometer.

They’re a message and a signal from your soul, and can lead you to information that’s important.

Noticing your emotions in this way, is an actual intuitive power that can be tapped into now.

Intuition enhancing practices, sacred fitness, relaxation techniques, healing and more in the SANCTUARY

The current solar cycle is in Cancer, an intuitive water sign.

The preservation aspect and nature of the Cancer Sun combines for a few days with the no-nonsense approach of a Capricorn Full Moon. 

You can create reliable changes that last.

You could up-level your standards and gift yourself the self care you deserve.

However, emotional fluctuations are likely.

If you’re a water sign, (Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio) you’ll feel this more.

So try not to let upsets or outbursts ruin your flow.

Your relationships may get challenged with all the flux, but trust me, this is an opportunity to actually get closer.

Embrace Responsibility

This may sound unsexy, but if you’ve got unmet goals, the full moon Capricorn energy is one of the most determined signs you can tap in to.

Responsability is just your ABILITY to RESPOND. Which actually is pretty sexy.

You can tap into the hard-working aspect of yourself that really wants you to make the disciplined changes that are for your own good (in a self-honoring way, of course) right now.

 These are the very gifts that this timing offers!

Y’know if someone like me can manage to become a wellness and relationship coach working with hundreds of women and couples who want to de-stress, enjoy life, and get more love…

Somehow manage to get paid to use my quirky astrological intuitiveness to help others meet their goals… then what’s holding YOU back? 

You can boost your intuition, get clear on the choices infront of you (even if you don’t see them just yet), or rewire your nervous system for pleasure and delight instead of aggrevation and sadness…

Check out the uplifting practices in the Self Care Sanctuary.