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Being patient with this weird winter mercury retrograde cycle

It’ll probably slow you down. Don’t get mad…Ok? The files won’t open fast enough. Your phone acts weird. The video is laggy. Ma Cherie, welcome to another Mercury Retrograde cycle. The fast moving, Planet/God-Frequency of communication, travel, commerce and technology does a tricky dance 3 times a year, for about 3 weeks at a time. This is one of those times. How to stay on your toes and avoid the winter blues…..

January 30- February 20

What to expect

Mistakes; likely spelling, dates & numerical errors. So double check.

Someone or something may make you wait, or delay you… again. Practice your patience.

Stuff gets broke… or lost, and if you buy a replacement now, you may have to return it for one reason or another. You’ll forget something, have to go back and get it. Maybe twice. You might get lost. An extra moment of preparing pays off awesomely right now…even though you might not notice the blessing.

“A clever person solves a problem, a wise person avoids it.” -A. Einstein

Also, you might- or they might: Text/email/message the wrong person. Feel helpless or freak out when the wifi cuts out and the computer lags painfully. My best advice?

Just leave extra time for everything.

It’s a maddening exercise in patience. Spread the word.

Mercury retrograde blessings

First, if you have to re-explain something, try an entirely different approach. Something you’ve been trying to convey for a while – may tumble out of your brain/body/mouth in an unusual way so that they can finally understand you.

Next my Dear, if you have to re-do a thing…or just start all over, please know that it could actually work out better this time if you just try again. Deep Breath.

Mercury is in Aquarius it’s amplifying the signals… (along Sun Venus, Jupiter and Saturn ALL in Aquarius too) could be good for reaching new heights of consciousness or an irresponsible misuse of frequency. As an air sign stellium there’s a lot more power amplification of this kind of stuff.

Hold the field with good intentions

Know that any delays you’re experiencing might be perfect … it’ll give you some time to double-check the details, and ask more questions. Or rethink the whole thing and stop a disastrous idea before it’s too late.

Mercury Retrograde is an opportunity to re-evaluate what’s not working and transform it, and re-visit what was working in the past and get it back in to your life.

You can renew a meaningful vow for better self care right now. Don’t let this frustrating timing stress you out. You can get  my favorite strategies for mitigating stress here.

Or re-vitalize something– like your sex life, your resume or workout routine…or your HAIR. Any of these’ll feel so good in the wintertime when you need a pick-me-up.

Retrograde Mercury will have us considering going back to an older tech solution. (I’m sending mail and building fires.) Might want to re-connect to some kind of a rebellious attitude that worked brilliantly in the past, or an online platform or lover you used to enjoy. Communication’s gonna get real weird in this cycle. Might as well join in the conversation.

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