Better Communication with Gemini timing

Clear communication through spoken & written words is a sacred power.  It’s gotta start with you. When in communication with yourself, do you speak kindly? During the Gemini transit (May 21-June 21)you want to be mindful of  that inner dialogue. When our thoughts and feelings are troubled, its often our ego’s interpretation of what’s actually happening. For higher conscious peeps this timing allows for an opportunity to change your perception of reality. 

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Gemini timing is a trickster though, and it’s symbol looks like the roman numeral 2 (II) that’s connected at the top and bottom. So being connected to the duality of everything’s important too. Meaning that susceptibility to take in other people’s views and making them more real than our own is a possibility . When you are exposed to the standard media diet of slanderous, gossipy lies…it’s hard to not let that happen! The evil-twin-side of this is becoming so self righteous that you’re pretty sure that your way… is the only way…or holding back completely, not speaking up for yourself..or even bursting out with wild statements of exaggeration.

During this transit we are all a little more like the Gemini persona, and you might see some of this right now in yourself and others. Gemini energy is everywhere, especially during the New Moon transit, June 3rd-5th which has the Sun and Moon in Gemini, double the power, double the fun.

Gemini Twins- Tattoo

Try tapping into the creative magic of the Gemini New Moon for solving an old problem. This is an opportunity to start something newallow yourself to get curious, expand your mind.  Connect with your guides, listen for answers, whispers on the wind and stellar signals. Commune with the winged messengers (Gemini is an Air sign) look to birds, bees, fairies & fireflies, angels, and winged Goddesses for intuitive messages.

Journal – ask a penetrating question at the top of the page and write until you get a cramp in your hand. Write it all down in doodles and colored ink, or write with your non-dominant hand. Then apply the insights to your life right away- before you get inspired or distracted by something else! If getting quiet doesn’t do the trick…..

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Laugh- It’s really good therapy. Make plans with your funny friends, see a comedy, try and find a way to perceive the humor in a dark situation. Make up a ridiculous song to express your unending sorrow.  Take your most serious conundrum and force yourself to laugh about how utterly attached you are to the outcome… or imagine you are a villain that has a secret plan to turn it all around. Bwaa haaa haaaa. Mwaaa haa aaa.

If you know any Gemini people, they’ve got lots of ideas, and can make you laugh out loud. Talk it out too long and they change their minds with sudden disinterest in your old boring problem.  Oh and watch out when they get bored.. they’re totally unpredictable, and have no problem “stirring the pot”. 

Look for the symbol (on one of the twin’s shoulder top o’ the blog) in your astrology chart to see where the opportunity for activation is going to be for you. It’ll be intensified during the new moon, but will continue all the way to  the summer solstice.

The challenge of successful communication is to feel safe enough to share yourself in your favorite way. Be understood. Then listen. Sometimes you say the same things, then react the same way, and wonder why you don’t get what you want…again. You can learn new ways of expression that really embody the way you feel. I love, love, love this kind of stuff and I help people find their authentic voice of expression while negotiating the nuances of relationships in a way that feels great.

Relationships don’t just happen with others..We also have a relationship with our body, our beliefs, our work/art/projects, and and also with our reactions, beliefs and memories. New perspectives are great for all of that. Getting help with a new perspective is brilliant. Check out the Self Care Sanctuary where you can get seasonal practices and on-demand healing strategies as well as partner with me for loving support and guidance. You deserve the best! XO Jess

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