Beyond the illusions of the Pisces full moon.

The late summer has a different scent in the air.  The heat and light infuse a golden splendor to everything, and the crisp cool evenings are just gorgeous under the full Pisces moon. Get outside for some sunshine (and moonshine) if you can.

Please be strategic with your energy now. I know, I know, it can be challenging during the strong pull of this full moon in Pisces (for the next few days) along with the sun in Virgo (until the Equinox). Both are mutable signs. So you’ve got these two energies that tend to be quite varied in the way they express themselves. Even one minute to the next. Both signs like to change their mind. A lot.

Because you’ve got Virgo & Pisces somewhere in your astrology chart, you’ll probably feel compartmentalized in some ways and completely unfocused in others. Normal. There may be an overpowering sense of self-sacrifice or obligation too. Watch out for that. Energy conservation is important. Let changing emotions flow, and give them some freedom with a creative outlet. Take a few moments to tune in to your intuition and gut (claircognozance and clairsentience) so you don’t muck up your high vibe-ing goodness.

Connect to the watery realm of emotion for clues to help understand the parts of you that feel restricted, stifled and self-sacrificing.  Have patience as you look inward, and observe the places where you feel insecure, and emotionally restrained. These are probably the same places where you’re feeling unfulfilled and frustrated.

Because any kind of self denigration can be overwhelming right now, try to remember that there’s no need to be self-criticizing on top of that.  A little bit of healthy encouragement can get your Goddess-wisdom to materialize way more easily and help you take some responsible actions for your own greatest good.

The Pisces moon transit is wonderful for healing the spirit. You are loved, loving and lovable. It’s time to enjoy some honest self awareness, helpful resolutions, and self honoring daily routines …Surrender to a better way.

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Especially potent now are energy healings, spa treatments, water rituals, sacred hydration, healing drinks and infusions. I’ve got lots more potent practices for you to try that amp up your goddess power in the sacred  sanctuary

 Pisces Moon is encouraging your super psychic abilities, imaginative creativity and some deep compassion for yourself and others. You’ll need it, because hyper- sensitivity is likely during this time too. On the upside, you can more easily delve into the subconscious to clean up some old energetic gunk, recognize that disappointing pattern, or solve a depressing problem. A clarity session by phone, email or message might be perfect for you right now.

It’s kind of like Self care insurance
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