Cancer – Go with the flow

Pearl & Ruby are Cancer’s Power Stones

The summer season kicks off with the sign of the crab. Ruled by the moon and super-sensitive. Can read your emotions, your body language and your tone in two seconds flat. The empath archetype. Wherever you have this sign in your natal astrology chart will be highlighting your empathic psychic powers in a big way.

Cancer is also the caretaker, the mama archetype, the Goddess..whose feeding everyone they love, nourishing soul food with metaphorical, inexhaustible big boobs. The sensitive, erotic, sublimely attentive lover and the domestic goddess all rolled into one.

The timing continues through July 21st, but is amplified by the New Moon July 2nd – July 4th and the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd, as well as the Full moon July 15-18 and Lunar Eclipse

cancer eclipse

There’s be a fluid, flowing, emotional ebb and flow that goes along with all of this. The deep part of you that knows that life is a miracle and a privilege. Where your commitment to provide loving, protectiveness, and encouragement to this complex world lies.

Cancer’s totem is the crab, and represents the hard-shelled part of your psyche that really doesn’t want just anyone to know about that soft underbelly. You’ll need to walk around with just the right amount of self-protectiveness while still effectively sharing your gifts with the world during this transit.

cancer negative traits waterhouse painting

If you have your natal astrology chart, pull it out and see what house it’s in. That’s where you’ll be likely be activated. Good and bad.  If you don’t have your chart handy, it’s allrighty darlin’, just feeeeel into it.

So even if it’s not typically your strong suit or tendency, you can more easily nurture others and yourself in meaningful ways with words, deeds, or a special gift or meal.  Connect to the water element for a delightful swim, walk on the beach, or just some fresh water in a beautiful sentimental glass. Then after the water cleanses your spirit, try on a more kind, encouraging, inner dialogue. You deserve it. Here are more of my favorite self care tips.

Be protective of yourself. If there’s a place where you’ve been exploited or taken for granted, you can retreat… So you can tune in to your emotions, connect with your belly, and your own true needs for a change.  ..Breathe. Then you can manage your anger, ditch the narcissists, and practice detachment without a hint of self-destructiveness.

Get comfortable… take inventory of your assets. Cuddle up and get mushy with someone you trust. Send a sweet email or text. Feel more secure as you tune into your finances. Pay the bills, balance the books, count your money, and save a little more for the stuff that makes you feel good, safe and taken care of.

I have a bunch of natal planets in Cancer so I tend to “mother” everybody. I want everyone to get their needs met. I’m very interested and concerned about your health, your stress-levels, your cycles and patterns..I want you to have a safe comfortable space to be open and receptive to what’s really good for you.. xoxox


P.S. It’s not selfish to ramp up your summer self care and feel like a goddess everyday!

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