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Communicating better under a Gemini influence

Are you consciously enjoying the variety in your life or actively recreating the familiar, day after day?

Gemini energy just loves probable futures and will influence you to explore possibilities even if you didn’t intend to. This is good. Especially if you have any desire to get better at communication or expressing yourself.

Art: Alphonse Mucha

Better communication starts with your inner dialogue.

Please don’t let that voice mimic some anxiety-ridden version of a critical parent/teacher/boss/random shmuck. Whatever you’re telling yourself is going to take priority over everything you’re actually encountering in life, because what you’re telling yourself is what you actually believe.

? Haiku ?
It's in that moment
you remember you're divine
and unlimited.

Also, if your thoughts are too too quick, judgmental or filled with anxiety, its often the ego’s interpretation of what’s actually happening. Just like escapism-mechanisms or automatic habits. Don’t fall for it. This timing gives you a chance to change your perception of reality. But you’ll have to be open to (or at least curious about) the other ways of doing things. My thought process is currently in haiku.

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Communication as creative expression

Realize that you could start asking better questions with or without considering the monkey-mind version of yourself. Those first superficial thoughts may be the catalyst for your subconscious to spill out like your own brand of art though…

Also, your Creativity can become a critical piece of your self care, even if it’s not a masterpiece. It’s an opportunity to express yourself, a fleeting feeling, a deep knowing, a subtle vibe. Whatever. It’s expressing creatively something that’s in your head. Creation and growth are required for wellness and fulfillment.

The creative magic of the Gemini transit is also helpful for solving an old (or new) problem. If you can allow yourself to get curious, and expand your mind… There’s a process in the sanctuary that turns irritation into inspiration, for example. Do you see how that could be possible for you too?

Communicating and Sourcing the truth

Clear communication through spoken & written words is a sacred power. You’ll have to go deeper then the superficial to access the source of truth. If you’re willing to try on a fuller range of communication, you can comfortably share an intuitive hit and insert some unexpected ideas into the conversation. Sharing a feeling can help you focus your power on the present moment, where all possibilities exist. Doing this relaxed works even better.

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Stress management and stress relief are integral to sourcing the truth. Your own feelings are a kind of truth too. You can’t connect with your guides, listen for answers, whistling wind-whispers, and stellar-star signals when you’re pissed off though. You can’t establish or maintain any semblance understanding (or romance!) when you feel that way either. But you can connect to your muse though meditative practices and sacred dance in the online sanctuary.

What to watch out for:

Beware of susceptibility to taking other people’s views and making them more real than your own. When you’re exposed to the standard media diet of misleading propaganda, gossipy lies or fakey-ism…it’s hard to not let that happen. I know. However, the evil-twin-side of this- is becoming so self righteous that you’re pretty sure that your way… is the only way… Funny thing is, during a Gemini Transit you can change your mind pretty quickly too. LOL. Maddening!

Sun, Mercury Retrograde and Venus all in Gemini. Then for a few days we’ve got the new moon in Gemini with an eclipse too.

New Moon eclipse June 10 at 6;53am EST

Is it time for you to try and adventure-forward, faster, into the future? Could be!

Make good things happen this lunar cycle.

The challenge of successful communication in your relationships is to feel safe enough to share yourself in your favorite way. Be understood. Then listen. Sometimes you say the same things, and react the same way, and wonder why you don’t get what you want…again. You can learn new ways of expression that really embody the way you feel. I love, love, love helping creative, awesome people find their authentic voice of expression while negotiating the nuances of relationships in a way that feels great.

Also, relationships don’t just happen with people..You also have a relationship with your body, your work/art/projects, and and also with your reactions, beliefs and memories. New perspectives are essential for staying inspired and growing. Getting help with a new perspective is brilliant. People tell me they love the way I use a little astrology to get to the root quick to determine the best stress relieving healing practices that will not only relieve anxiety but reveal the strategies that help solve complex problems… Saves time too.