Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Cuddle up with the new moon in Cancer

It’s a a cosmic opportunity to dial in your compassion and unconditional love. Take a good hard look at what you need to feel safe and secure. This unconditionally loving mother-y water-y emotional realm of the Cancer archetype wants you to explore your relationships….Relationships to yourself, to the ways you care for yourself, your home and your family.

Cancer is the caretaker of the zodiac.

Like a mama archetype that’s feeding everyone nourishing soul food right from their metaphorical big boobs. But also like the empath …how you can read emotions, body language and tone, in two seconds flat. How you can know the real truth with scary-accurate gut instinct.

This is a secret that makes Cancer people wonderfully erotic lovers. Knowing intuitively what feels good while being sublimely attentive…does it get any better?

If these traits aren’t typically your strong suit, just know that this transit will have you nurturing others and yourself in more meaningful ways. Check up on your loved ones. Cuddle up and get mushy with someone you can trust.

But…that hard-shelled part of your psyche..

You know, the side of you that doesn’t want just anyone to know about your vulnerable underbelly. (Like Cancer’s totem, the crab -that rules the stomach and digestive system.) It’s precise location in your Astrology chart is where you need to walk around with some self-protectiveness, but still effectively share your gifts. Not easy right? We live in a complex world. I personally have 3 planets in Cancer, so… I KNOW.

Boils down to boundaries, baby…boundaries.

Be protective of yourself. If there’s anyplace where you’ve been exploited or taken for granted, you can retreat to manage your anger, ditch the narcissistic jerks, and get some healthy detachment (without a hint of self-destructiveness). ...Breathe... Next tune in to your emotions. Connect with your belly and your own true needs.  I’m shocked by how many of you don’t know what you need and then feel hurt when your partner seems totally selfish or appears uncaring. It’s a total misunderstanding. Take the self care quiz to find out what’s really going on.

self care quiz

Now relax.

There’s a fluid, flowing, ebb and flow that goes along with all this emotional stuff. Cancer’s a water sign. The water element cleanses the spirit, the moods, the emotions and the body. Try a delightful soak, a magical shower, a swim, walk on the beach, or just some fresh water in a beautiful sentimental glass from your Gramma. Then you’ll be equipped to try some kind, encouraging, inner dialogue with yourself. Feels good right? 

Next, make yourself comfortable… fluff the pillows, put a blanket on the grass in the shade. Maybe you need to take inventory of your actual assets and tend your finances to feel secure. Balance the books, count your money, and invest in the stuff that makes you feel like your needs truly matter. Because they do.

The Cancer timing continues now through July 21st. But is amplified by the New Moon July 9-11th.

In the end, I wish for you to have a safe comfortable space to be open and receptive to what’s really good for you.. Best advice? Double down on your summer self care.