Enjoy life during Gemini season

Even as we’re in this holding pattern, Gemini Season asks us to consciously enjoy the variety in life. Not just recreating the familiar, day after day. Gemini energy loves possibilities, and has a tendency to try and adventure forward, faster, into the future. This is a good thing. We can start considering the big questions.. without the monkey-mind version of ourselves that like to scuttle around with our first superficial thoughts about people, places and things.

Gemini May 21- June 20

Alphonse Mucha Gemini Twins
Art: Alphonse Mucha

Start with this simple practice:

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Write the question down somewhere. Keep writing until you get to the bottom of the page, or the end of your tweet, or run out of hashtag ideas. However, you could write it all down in doodles and colored ink, or try it with your non-dominant hand, channeling a stream of consciousness. But apply the insights to your life right away- before you get inspired or distracted by something else! For example, after I stopped writing; I drank clear, refreshing water, did a sacred self blessing practice and realized that I need to talk more about the things I love, and share more of myself -with like minded people.

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What about communication?

Communication of all kids has extra oomph May 21- June 20th as the Sun transits Gemini. Venus is in Gemini too until August and is retrograding for most of June. Sweetheart, it’s gotta start with your inner dialogue. I hope it’s good. Not some anxiety ridden version of someone you don’t even like. Or a critical parent/teacher/boss/random shmo. What you’re telling yourself is going to take priority over everything you’re encountering in life, because what you’re telling yourself is what you believe.

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This kind of communication is a simple way of tapping into the creative magic of Gemini for solving an old (or new) problem. Have any of those? Allow yourself to get curious, expand your mind. Connect with your guides, listen for answers, whistling wind-whispers, and stellar-star signals. Commune with the winged ones (Gemini is an Air sign) decipher birdsongs, hum with bees, look for fairies & fireflies, and your favorite angels, muses and winged Goddesses for guidance.

Sourcing the truth:

You’ll have to go deeper then the superficial to access the source of truth. If you’re willing to try on a fuller range of communication- let it also include some of the non-rational sounding ideas- that could be your intuitive mind speaking up. Be open and you can focus your power on the present moment, where all possibilities exist. Doing it relaxed works better.

When your thoughts are too quick, judgmental or filled with anxiety, its often the ego’s interpretation of what’s actually happening, and could lead to escapism-type or automatic habits now. This timing allows you to change your perception of reality. But you must be open and curious about the other ways of doing things.

Gemini traits and energy

What to watch out for:

Susceptibility to take in other people’s views and making them more real than your own is a liability. Ehhhhh. Especially common when you’re exposed to the standard media diet of partial truths, and flat-out lies….Be careful…When this is happening, it’s hard to discern truth when you hear it -and easy to become self righteous and decide that your way… is the only way…as you scramble around to find evidence of the truth of your old beliefs.

During this transit we are all a little more like the Gemini persona, you’ll see this right now in yourself and others. Gemini energy is everywhere, especially during the New Moon transit, May 22-25 which has the Sun and Moon in Gemini, and now, right on through to the summer while Venus is retrograding in Gemini as well.

new moon gemini

Make good things happen.

The challenge of successful communication in your relationships is to feel safe enough to share yourself in your favorite way. Be understood. Then listen. Sometimes you say the same things, and react the same way, and wonder why you don’t get what you want…again. You can learn new ways of expression that really embody the way you feel. I love, love, love this kind of stuff and as a relationship consultant I help creative, magical people find their authentic voice of expression while negotiating the nuances of relationships in a way that feels great.

Also, relationships don’t just happen with people..We also have a relationship with our body, our work/art/projects, and and also with our reactions, beliefs and memories. New perspectives are essential for staying inspired and growing. Getting help with a new perspective is brilliant. People tell me I’m good at this. I use a little astrology and lots of other magic modalities to help you. Check out the Self Care Sanctuary for stress relieving healing journeys, practices that relieve anxiety and strategies that help solve complex problems… as well as partnering up with me for private, loving support.

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