Evolving with Mercury retrograde

Mercury is the Planet & God of communication, travel, and technology. He does an elliptical-double-back-again-kind-of-thing 3 times a year. This is one of those times. The retrograde cycle in Scorpio offers us an interesting opportunity.

Scorpio rules over sex, death, and transformation, primarily. So intense, right? It loves making change while being passionate & emotional. There’s no half-way about it. When you dive deep into your soul for your true magnificent power… please know that it’s likely gonna be hiding out behind something taboo, traumatic or just plain….dark.

That’s OK, Scorpio is at home with all of that stuff. Society’s constructs have made you afraid of your own potency and power, and lured you away from source over and over. Again..totally OK. Everyone does this to some degree. A retrograde cycle can be a do-over, if you want it to be. It didn’t work out before? Try again. See how this works?

Come, come, whoever you are.  Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving.  It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair.  Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times.  Come, yet again, come, come.                      … Click To Tweet

Re-new the vows. The ones you made to yourself, your partner, or your projects.  If those vows seem unreasonable now, you’ll re-write them. Your dreams? Re-evaluate them or re-negotiate a better way. That’s the intention with this planner.  Get it free here.

You can’t plan for everything. Especially during a merc-retro phase…expect that someone might go back on their word, take back what they said, delay you twice as long, or send you on a goose chase for a thing you didn’t want anyway. More drama now. Losing stuff, buying new stuff and returning it. Press send by accident. To the wrong person. Make two trips. Re-explain a thing, re-do it or start all over again.

Just breathe.

Any time there’s a retrograde planet, you can re-evaluate your life and whatever’s not working is where you can uplevel or evolve. Don’t know how? You can start with recalling what was working in the past and see if it makes sense to bring it back into your life now. This creates helpful forward momentum, even if it’s not a long term solution. Re-fresh your perspective and re-vitalize something…like maybe your workout routine, how you take care of your finances or your sex life…now’s the time to transform it.

Hint: The planner can make it easier for you.

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