Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Fanning the flames on the October full moon

🎧would you RATHER LISTEN?

Life is diverse and constantly changing.

Those wise old trees remind us…. as their leaves begin floating to the cool ground. The tilt of the light has noticeably shifted and the golden sunsets scatter over the mountains. It’s beautiful.

Actually, the darkness comes a little too soon for my taste, but you can see Saturn, Mars and bright, huge Jupiter if you look up to the east.

If you’re up early before dawn, throw on a giant warm fluffy leopard print robe (just me?), so you can peep out gargantuan Jupiter in the west now, along with Mercury.

Looking to make a change? Just add fire.

The moon’s in the astrological fire sign of Aries for the next few days. It can provide the fire-power and courage that’s needed to get the results you want. Results that feel fair, and good. Not too disruptive.

The Libra Sun will help to keep you balanced even when there ARE unforeseen disturbances.

  • Tune into this burst of energy to finally start a thing that you’ve been putting off– or finish it!
  • Create beauty in any form: decorate, glow up, make art
  • Speak up and ask for what you want, be bolder – and then lean into cooperative agreements
  • Re-ignite or start a romantic relationship, a strategic alliance, partnership or collaboration

Feed and fan the flames with fresh air

We’re in the Libra season until October 22. It’s an air sign. Air feeds a Fire. But it can also blow it out. Every full moon offers an opportunity to connect to the dichotomy of two opposing archetypes and activate them with it’s intense energy.

How you will be affected depends on your own astrological makeup, but you can access these energies and utilize them masterfully with the practices in the sanctuary.

The Aries/Libra full moon timing will energize the polarity and your personal beliefs between: