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Finding balance and passion with the spring full moon

Full Moon in Libra March 28-30

Spring is the Earth’s new year… More life for all. Daffodils, hyacinths, and tree buds are bursting open, worms are slithering, birds chase them & sing…Tiny sprouts , fearlessly shooting up, defy the dirt. Their swaying flower-heads beckon you outside. So go!

Connecting with nature and seeing what’s blooming in your neck of the woods can be an act of self care. Get some windy-fresh air for an invigorating experience of the sprightly version of yourself.

“Windy Fairy Tales”

If you’re ecologically conscious, and you’re not playing near or using any nasty chemical pesticides or fertilizers, you can forage for the dandelions, chickweed and violets that are blooming now. Eat ’em up. You’ll feel great after even just trying one leaf or flower…but I encourage you to indulge. They’re so cheerful and beautiful and will give you a feeling of being supported with Earth’s bounty and sustanance.

In addition, Dandelion flowers and leaves are nourishing to your kidney and liver and are loaded with B vitamins..a natural de-stressor that helps the immune system. Dandelions are bitter, -but sweeter when they’re young, so get ’em now. Mix them right into a diversified salad, and you won’t notice… Chickweed and violet leaves and flowers are also very nutritious, and are way more mild tasting in contrast.

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This timing is also great for getting your tiny seeds going… then watch them fearlessly shooting up, defying the dirt in your victory garden. Determined. Active. Brave. (Just like Aries.)  Like you too. Choose wisely and plant something healthy

Self care requires discipline to stay high-vibing.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to take some steps toward a new reality. Even if you’re not sure. Even if you make a mistake…

When you go in the general direction of your new desires you’re well on your way.


The moon is full, round and beautiful in Libra, which is ruled by Venus. Goddess of Love. You can connect more deeply with a lover, or find that passion you thought you lost. Venus is a creation goddess that loves beauty. The kind you radiate, create or appreciate! It’s all holy and good. Aries is the hot and sexy god of war and together they’re beautiful aspects of the archetypal masculine and feminine.

You’re also called to do some self-discovery. Take inventory of risks… risks not taken too. Remaining open to the possibilities that you may not see right away can be an awesome opportunity.  I use astrology as a fast track way to help you discover what’s truly wonderful about you (and/or your partner too). Your truth. Your latent talents. To reveal your quickest paths to stellar self care.

You can make self care a priority now. Manage your stress – and love yourself better. It’s time.

 I feel beautiful, empowered and confident in my sensual inner goddess, Thank you!!

-Sister Goddess M.M. Brentwood, NY