First Spring Full Moon

Ooohh it’s finally happening! The signs of spring are showing themselves. The sun’s higher in the sky, the soil’s warming up and wet. The hyacinth bulbs are pushing up and showing off their bright new growth. Tulip heads are beginning to form.

The crocus are popped open in the sun and it’s still light after dinnertime. The Aries Sun heralds Springtime and the wise old oak trees got the signal to start budding out. That kind of urging Aries energy will be felt by everyone right now. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take some steps toward your new reality. The bold, Aries Sun prods you to take on challenges that you were too timid (or tired) for before…

This is an opportunity to create an intention with just enough of a challenge to turn you on. Once you’re savvy to your true desires, this potent timing can jack up the intensity of your purpose.Allow the Amazon Goddess inside you to emerge as you dare to stop for a hot minute to set an want something more…Get my personal help with this in The Sanctuary

But wait there’s more..The moon is full, round and beautiful in Libra, which is ruled by Venus. Goddess of Love. You can connect more deeply with a lover, or find that passion you thought you lost. She’s a creation goddess that loves beauty too. The kind you radiate, create or appreciate! It’s all holy and good.

Your energy levels will ramp up a little higher after you re-structure and re-evaluate your self care with the current Mercury Retrograde cycle.

Totally good timing too, because the current moon transit is asking us to pay attention to the following for the next few days:

independance & Partnership,
Caring for the self + caring for others,
conquering fears + surrendering to what is, taking action + strategic planning

If you’re ready to use these energies effectively, make movement, take action and get stuff done you gotta jump in with real enthusiasm and say yes to something

OR you can start with these 7 free & simple triggers to switch your springtime-sparkle-powers back on.

Happy Spring! Love you! XO Jessamina

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