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Full Moon Eclipse and a kinder way to engage with the world.

Cows crowd, in the shade
The river flows with the road
Early morning ride

Motorcycling with my guy today for the start of our wedding anniversary day. It’s just as hot as it was 21 years ago. We stayed on the mountain-shady roads to avoid the sweltering heat and to scope out all the colorful wildflowers. We got back just before noon for a swim with the kids and the pup for some hydrotherapy. Feels so good to swim. I forget because I’m usually all..”I don’t want to get my hair wet.” But not today. When it goes over 90 degrees, I’m a different animal. So I’ve got scraggly hair for the rest of the day, who cares?

This gushy-sweet Cancer Season’s got me feeling a little more sentimental and nostalgic. A picture I shared on Facebook popped up today of us saying our wedding vows. I remembered that we included the steadfastness and permanence of the mountains and the flowing-ness of the rivers and the way they always find their way back to the ocean, like our love for each other always will.

There’s a softness now, even if you’re typically kinda tough.. it’s a little sweeter, affectionate and more caring. Cancer’s all about the unconditional mothering-type energies, the fullness and ripeness of fertility, and self-care through nurturing. How we take care of ourselves can evolve into a kinder way to engage with the world now too, all the way through July 21st. 

If you’re looking to improve a romantic relationship, now’s a perfect time for that too. Keep in mind that emotional fluctuations are likely. Cancer is a receptive, water sign that’s really intuitive. If you’re a water sign too (Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio) you’ll feel this more. This transit crosses over your chart one way or another, and if it doesn’t hit you hard, it’ll probably affect someone else in your sphere. So try not to let emotional upsets get the best of you, especially if you identify as an empath.

Combining the nurturing nature of the Cancer Sun with the responsible no-nonsense approach of Capricorn creates reliable changes that last. You can have higher standards now, and gift yourself the self care you truly deserve. Capricorn is one of the most determined signs out there, so tap into the hard-working aspect of you that really wants you to make disciplined changes that are for your own good and well-being. Go ahead and and get some more purposeful momentum with my practical planner for success here .

Capricorn’s an earth sign, goal oriented, and ambitious in nature..If you’re working on a project, this would be a perfect time to take charge and make some real positive strategic progress. Planning and plotting the best, most self-honoring path for everyone is easier for a while. Especially with Mars in Aries now too. This placement is a go-getter. Truly determined and poised to win…That being said, watch out for violence or arguments, as Mars IS the god of war, after all….and we’re still in the midst of a bunch of retrograding planets, including Jupiter and Pluto now in Capricorn too.

This lunar eclipse will start at 11:07pm EDT on July 4 and reach its peak at 12:29am EDT on July 5

If you’ve got some restless energy, here are some great activities that are aligned with the energies in a positive way:

  • Organizing something- I have notebooks and ephemera-notes about specific projects, so I grabbed a few pretty file folders and just labeled them with each project name. Simple, but up until now was an unmanageable random pile of papers in a basket.
  • Creating systems- what can you do to create an easy rhythm for your new habits? This can be as simple as putting time slots on a calendar. There’s an art to this, and it has to do with the next tip…
  • Strategic Self care. This one looks different for everyone. I help my clients to create the most meaningful ways that make them feel great and accomplish a specific purpose.
  • Uplevel something. It’s time. Capricorn is a bit status-conscious and if something’s shabby, but not chic…it may be time to retire it.
  • Any practical boring step that’s a key for success. This one’s not so sexy, but totally inevitably necessary. What are you putting off doing that will help in the long run?

Call it out in the comments!

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