Full Moon October

The tilt of the light has shifted. The golden orange sunsets scattered over the mountains brings the darkness a little too soon for my taste. I’ve been stealing a few extra moments of morning pillow love and flannel-y good warmth while blowing my chances at spying the Draconid Meteor showers pre-dawn. But I can try again tomorrow. You can too.

Some of the trees look skeletal already, the crispy leaves dropping quickly. Others are still green and a few (mostly Maples) are showing off some maroon and russet. So far the afternoons are warming up nicely and I can still get away with bare feet for a little while longer. Life is diverse and constantly changing, and the trees are reminding us that it is so.

Sun in Libra, Full moon in Aries Highlights:

  • Start that thing that you’ve been putting offor finish it!
  • Create a new project, actively create beauty in any form
  • Speak up and ask for what you want
  • Rejuvenate or start a romantic relationship
  • Create a strategic alliance, partnership or collaboration

Aries, the astrological sign, is a fire sign. It shares many of the qualities of fire. Ares, the god of war, is ruled by Mars..Combativeness. Challenge. Vitality. Vigor. Potency. Virility.

The Sun is still in Libra, an air sign. The energy brings more cerebral awareness and appreciation for feminine beauty and fairness in all things. Air signs are kinda like vibration on the wind…

Air feeds a Fire. But it can also blow it out. Every full moon offers an opportunity to connect to the dichotomy of two opposing archetypes and activate them with it’s intense energy. How you will be affected depends on your own astrological makeup.

This Aries/Libra timing will energize the polarity between:
  • Caring for yourself & Caring for others
  • Your stubborn independence & your need for partnership
  • Your desire to thoroughly conquer & your desire to completely surrender
  • Actions you powerfully take &  just thinking about taking action
  • Your relationship to challenge & harmony

You can find the gifts of each, and create change that feels awesome.

“It’s a marvelous night for a moondance -with the stars up above in your eyes … A fantabulous night to make romance ‘Neath the cover of October skies” -Van Morrison

 This timing is a good opportunity to examine your own behavior and beliefs regarding:

  • masculine roles & feminine roles
  • controlling & allowing
  • blind rage & demonstrative love
  • indecision & decisiveness
  • autonomy & co-dependence

Hot-stuff Aries provides the fire-power and courage that’s needed to get a new result, one that feels fair, and good.

Don’t worry the Libra Sun will help to keep you balanced.  …When the Aries part of your personality wants to jump in, ready to fight, (consequences be damned!)..the Libra polarity can deliberate and see which options will play out the best, before making a ‘too-quick’ decision. A well-thought out compromise is totally possible, but have you’ll have to be willing to be open to those possibilities. Especially in relationships. Remember, Libra offers a bit of grace, beauty and diplomacy to everything.  So you can lean on the sensibility of not being too impulsive, too suddenly. Especially when it’s just really time to finally change something you’ve been avoiding for too long. 

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