Full Moon Rebel

For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love. -Carl Sagan Click To Tweet

Aquarian timing wants you to send some loving, good vibes to all of humanity. Love to the Earth. To the cosmos. To the Galaxies far far away… It wants you to get freedom from that oppressive situation, person or policy with an unusual never-tried-before-by-you tactic. Independence and human rights come to the forefront. You up for all that?

Now through February 17, our sun is in the sign of Aquarius, governing over intellect, thought processes, and new ways of thinking. There’s a sense of unpredictability and brand new perspectives. Technology fused with humanitarianism, cosmic consciousness AND logic..all at the same time.

You’re ready for an evolutionary upgrade…

Rise to Eveolution by Alicia Walter
Rise to EVEolution – Alicia Walter – alicia@artbyamw.com

The winter sleet comes like a wet blanket over everything, but fire sign, Leo, makes it’s own heat. Big Leo moon’s going to kindle all the fire in your natal astrological chart and give you courage for some unconventional, rebellious behavior….(or be generously supportive of the people who are doing that.) Leadership comes easier when your big, righteous heart is leading the way.

You can also use this fire power and just create something. Use the words experiment or play if it makes you feel less self-conscious about self-imposed pressure to produce some kind of masterpiece. Impossible ideals set by someone else’s standards are no fun anyway. Try not to judge yourself while you do new stuff. Dare to be expressively unique, with the way you communicate, dress, or decorate. Allow yourself to be quirky, interesting…. or weird! Go ahead and explore the odd, typically kinda kinky stuff, it may just inspire you towards the change you really want right now. Express your individuality. It feels great, and the Earth needs your unique perspective, and your alignment with it. Even if just for a while during this transit.

Leo Full Moon jessamina lion in the moon

Lunar Leo Energy is full of fire and flash. Big Love and generosity. The royal sovereign of the zodiac encouraging great bravery. Lean in to your self-hood.  You can blend and engage with it by checking out these suggestions:

  • Take a step into the spotlight . Where’ve you been hiding out? Give yourself an opportunity to be bold. Challenge the f’ed up status quo…. Be yo’ glorious weird-ass self!!! You can get some meaningful visibility for a passion project that’s important to you, while expressing your progressive ideals about it all.
  • Explore the bizarre-o, odd-ish stuff that peaks your interest. This kind of research can lead the muses to pay you a visit -firing up your desire and energy so you can take some action on something special that may’ve been idle awhile. Be prepared for quick intuitive flashes that require fast action.
  • You can try on being more demonstrative or dramatic to get your intentions across. Express your wonderful originality. There’s no one like you, Babe.
  • Tune in to the pulse of the Earth, to humanity, the universe, and connect with the ethereal realms for even more inspiration. See if you can feel the universal love coming back to you.
  • Be more broad-minded with your goals (and personal routines) and be open to some new, possibly unusual, ideas to actually make them all work out brilliantly. Let go of the old way and be receptive to the new life that’s trying to come through you. Get this free planner to map it out.
  • Try out some new tech; an app, or some software that can make your life easier or better functioning, with less stress.
  • Claim your Goddess-hood.. Are you feeling ready to serve your people at a higher level? Maybe just finally speak up, stand up or walk out? Get some support for yourself. Let someone help you for a change. Check out the Sanctuary for a collection of cosmic practices that fire up your genius-goddess-self that you can access 24/7.

If in the past you tried to initiate change, and were disappointed ,disillusioned, or heart-broken …maybe too tired to even try again, you might need a trusted confidante to straighten your crown.  Let’s connect privately,..I’ll remind you of your majestic, awe-inspiring power.

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