Full Moon – and the crazy stuff people say..

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There was a palpable shift from the emotional, deep water Sun sign of Scorpio to that fiery philosopher, Sagittarius today. Coupled with the full moon in it’s opposite sign, Gemini, gives you the benefit of interesting insights with a dose of honest-to-goodness logic.

It’s really possible to have both right now.

Which means you can cozy up to the facts, and objectively & intuitively come to new realizations about all kinds of stuff.

You’ll need to Relax. This is an opportunity to connect to some wisdom that you didn’t have access to before. You’ll have to create a few minutes down-time for pondering….This time of year gets a little frantic with all the Holiday fervor, I know. But you require a few moments with your journal, or inspired reading, a few more breaths in a yoga pose, and time to get gorgeous. Don’t get skimpy with your self-care..you’re gonna need it!

The Gemini Full Moon is great for lively conversation ..but be on the lookout for some crazy shit that gets blurted out over the next few days. You can be conscious with the Air-y elemental energy though..Try singing, chanting, humming, or deep breathing as meditation. You can express out loud what you’re grateful, thankful and hopeful for…using your voice powerfully…..YAASSSS…go ahead!…or just write it down somewhere. Writing is a Gemini superpower too.

That Fire-y Sagittarius-ness is going to prompt you to finally be free of something, You can clear out the thought patterns that zap your energy or make you feel bad. This is a good thing. If you’re done with doing things the same way, and open and receptive right now to an untried new way…you’re on the right track! Take stock of the inner prompts you’re getting and decide now how you want to powerfully move forward.

Try it now:

The current Gemini energy adds fuel for the fire, and gives you a breath of fresh air at the same time..a breather. A new opportunity to check your thoughts, and see if they are in alignment with what you are really after, and where you want to be going. Please don’t listen to  blunt miscommunication that derails you, or the close-minded opinionated zealots that like to create arguments that don’t make sense or solve anything. Definitely don’t listen to any of that trashy, negative, self talk that runs on and on….

If your habitual thought patterns and over-thinking are getting in the way of what you want, or even turning into anxiety, stress or strained relationships…...lets talk!  This is perfect timing to get a handle on it. We can activate your personal power in a truly wonderful way with just a conversation.

XO Jessamina

Don’t let anyone steal your joy, Goddess.  check this out!


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