Full Pink Moon in Scorpio

Full Flower moon blossom jessamina

The fragile flowers are all a’blush sailing on the wind before dropping silently to the ground. The full flower moon includes the greening of the trees… and it’s magical. New life is everywhere. I love this time of year.


Shameless bursting buds

Orgiastic pollen spews

Spring obscenity

The birds, bees and frogs are at it again, singing and buzzing. Looking for love. Procreation is suggested by nature in lots of ways right now… So if you are looking to bring more fertile energy to a project, idea or conception, now is a powerful time to do it. 

Our Sun is hanging out in the steadfast, sensual sign of Taurus (Ruled by the planet Venus…The love Goddess, remember?) helping you appreciate tactile experiences even more…Really appreciating any kind of earthly delights is a tantric practice in itself. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!! You are the Goddess of Love. Grab your soft leather jacket or cozy cashmere sweater as you check out the full moon in Scorpio for the next few nights…

Focus on your feelings. 

What turns you on, Goddess? Do you have a mysterious, risque side?  Because if you let it come up to the surface you can see how it feels to activate that energy. It’s connected to your psychic power and intense transformational changes. The anscestral energy is close too..Some experience this cross-quarter portal of Beltane (15 degrees Taurus -right now) as active on all the subtle realms as Halloween..Tune in. Listen. Look. Feel.

"To understand and reconnect with our stories, the stories of the ancestors, is to build our identities." -F. Delaney Click To Tweet

Each full moon creates a polarity of two signs.

As a result, there’s attraction. Opposition. Friction. Yum. There is an opportunity to see the wholeness in the duality of Taurus and Scorpio. See where you’re at right now. 

  • Sexual vs. Sensual– Are you putting too much emphasis on one or the other? Do you use or misuse power sexually? Is sensuality part of the equation, is it a substitute for sex? Is it missing??? You can call it in now. This 1 day intensive will help.
  • Adventurous vs. Cautious– Where are you being so calculated and controlling that there is no progress? 
  • Passionate vs. Gentle– Knowing when to exert force and when to back off..
  • Non-conforming vs. conservative– comfortable with risk? or preferring to take a more ‘traditional’ path? No right or wrong in any of these..just pay attention to your default inner dialogue and outsides influences regarding these views.
  • Death vs. New Life Both are transforming! You can have both at the same time too..Where are you bringing death, and welcoming new life?

How you relate to these themes could be just the catalyst you need.

Therefore, you can consider this timing as kinda an invitation to see where you’re at with your boundaries and perceptionsLetting yourself really feel into the depths of your pain or desire could be just what you need for the transformation you’ve been wanting all this time.

Penetrating the depths of the subconscious mind can create changes that are miraculous. Often the changes you seek aren’t as painful as your mind has tricked you into believing they are. It can feel wonderful. Liberating. Better than you even imagined.

"A heart filled with Love is like a Phoenix that no Cage can imprison." -Rumi Click To Tweet

However, please remember, that not everyone is focused on the positive, high-vibe like you are….There’s some negative traits in this transit too. You might notice some peeps acting out their deceitfulness and need to control. Maybe some, “this is the way we’ve always done it– so it must be the right way” kind of mentality. Please don’t let that be you. There’s an opportunity to grow, to be better, and to have more right now..and you really do deserve the best of everything.

waterhouse painting jessamina
art: Waterhouse

If you have your natal astrology chart, look for your Taurus/Scorpio axis…These are the places/houses where this stuff is going to be activated and in your face no matter what your sun sign is. Want to learn astrology? How to read a chart for greater understanding of your own psyche and that of others (for fun or profit)???…just go here to learn how.

What would happen if you made a power play towards something you really wanted?

I’ll save you the suspense, worlds will tilt in your favor, and bend to your will. oooOOh Yeah, that’s hot, right?. Very Sexy.

This particular moon-timing is a chance to delve deeply and learn more about your “rules” and beliefs too. This is a key for your transformation.  Claim it.  It’s an opportunity for real lasting change . Especially if you’ve been unsuccessfully working at it for a long time.

Steady, practical steps can make consistent progress.

Because you can be tenacious (like a bull!)  towards your intentions now, you can engage your sensual self in a potent and practical way to get exactly what you need with this timing. More focused help with this in the Goddess Sanctuary…

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