Full Pink Moon

It’s a nature orgy. 

The buds are shamelessly bursting open, pollen is spewing wildly into the air…

It’s almost obscene. The Native Americans observed pink blossoms everywhere, and called this timing ‘Pink Full Moon”. Have you noticed too?

My backyard frogs are singing Bbbdrrreeeeeeeee  (and one other bizarre sound I can’t spell), really loud, all night long. During the day, they’re in the pool cover breeding and looking at me, looking at them, doing their thing.

Procreation is a theme here. So if you are looking to bring more fertile energy to a project, idea or literal conception, now is a powerful time to do it.   Your Springtime Goddess Experience is waiting for you.


Our Sun is in the steadfast, sensual sign of Taurus (Ruled by the planet Venus) helping you appreciate soft touches, fabrics and experiences even more than usual…Really appreciating deep massage, tantalizing tickles, and all manners of tactical earthly delights. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!! You are the Goddess of Love.

Don’t forget to grab your super soft sweatshirt or sexy moto-jacket when you run out and look at the Scorpio moon tonight.

Scorpio energy likes to add complex emotional intensity and depth to errrayythanng.

So focus on feeling .  What turns you on, Babe? Your mysterious, risque side? Maybe theirs?  Let it all come up to the surface and see how it feels to activate that energy just like a Love Goddess .

Each full moon creates a polarity of two signs. There is attraction.

It’s an invitation to see where you’re at with your boundaries and perceptions.

Letting yourself really feel into the depths of your pain or desire could be just what you need for the transformation you’ve been after all this time.

It doesn’t have to be dark and scary..

But remember, dear Goddess: not everyone is focused on the positive, high-vibe like you are….

If you have your natal astrology chart, look for your Taurus/Scorpio axis…These are the places where this stuff is going to be activated and in your face no matter what your sun sign is. Want to win an astrology assessment with me? I’d love to take a peek at your chart.

What if you made a power play towards something you really wanted? oooOOh Yeah, Very Sexy.

This particular moon-timing is a chance to delve deeply into your own psyche and learn more about your “rules”, beliefs and boundaries. This is a key for your transformation.  Claim it.

 It’s an opportunity for real lasting change . Especially if you’ve been working at it for a long time.

Steady, practical steps make consistent progress. Be tenacious (like a bull!)  towards your intentions now.  Engage your sensual self in a potent way to get exactly what you need with the  Full Moon Dream Designer  


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