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Get some momentum with the Full Cold Moon

This year has been so strange. As we stand here on the precipice of winter, us wise women know that this is a powerful dreaming time, a shift of consciousness. Time to embrace the darkness and the unknowable…

Now is the time for some stillness, rest, and and contemplation. But not too much! We all still need to move and plan for the things we want to see flourish in the new year.

Full Moon Exact December 30th 03:28 UTC

The Long nights are dark..but we’ve got a full, shimmering Moon above us, in the astrological sign of Cancer, a watery emotional sign that represents the ‘Mother aspect. look up and connect to her essence. Get the Full Moon Transmission here.

Healing with the Cancer Full Moon:

  • Nurturing others; with words, or deeds– also family, children, and domestic details of all kinds…
  • Taking a nurturing stance on your own behalf. What do you need for your body, your health, your relationships, your work? Self care is sooooo important. If you’ve never made it a priority before, I’m sure you can see the value of it now after this whirlwind year. Isolating and unexpected downtime show you a different side of yourself. How you engage with your time is sacred and that’s one of the foundational trainings in the Sanctuary.
  • Creating boundaries is especially effective now, I know it’s not easy…but you can have success with this, even if you’ve let yourself down with too many yesses to undeserving people and time-sucking activities before. You’re worth it.
  • Drink up. Hydration is important for all of your bodily functions, including your immune system, and is a simple elixir for emotional clearing too. Cancer Moon Rules Water, so if you’re a water sign; Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces..or have strong influences of these in your astrological chart, you will be more emotionally activated at this time…
  • Improve a romantic relationship, now’s a good time for that too. Keep in mind that emotional fluctuations are likely now. Cancer is a receptive, water sign that’s really intuitive. This transit everyone differently, and if it doesn’t hit you hard, it’ll probably affect someone else in your sphere. So try not to let emotional upsets get the best of you, especially if you identify as an empath or other people are especially sensitive with you now.
  • Connect to your loving nature. There’s great potentiality for more sweetness, affection, romance, and seduction. This includes emotional fluctuations & moodiness too.
  • Cancer Moon rules Pregnancy and Birth...The literal kind, and the symbolic too. What are you getting ready to Birth? Are you gestating something wonderful? How can you prepare the way for your ‘baby’ or ‘brain-child’? Initiate a plan of action.
  • You can revisit your desires, wishes and hopes. Planning and plotting the best, most self-honoring path is totally possible. Use this planner tool to have it all in one place so you can focus on your new year’s goals.
  • Tune into the Belly, what does it Say? Often a rejected part of the body, science says the gut is one of the most neurologically rich places on the body…That’s why you can do a ‘gut-check’ and get a strong indication of what to do next. Do that now. Cancer rules the stomach area. Unhappy with your belly? Choose Better foods for better moods, and turn it around in just days.
  • You are very intuitive, receptive and sensitive to your greater good during this transit…and also savvy to any manipulative BS that others may try to pull on you.

Act like a Capricorn.

Until January 21st you’ve got access to Capricorn’s steadfast, strong goal oriented, ambitious nature.. It’s the last full moon of the year. If you haven’t succeeded with your goals, you’ve got a chance to take charge and make some real progress.

Capricorn is one of the most determined signs out there, so tap into the hard-working aspect of you that really wants you to make disciplined changes that are for your own good and well-being. Go ahead confidently, with steadfast momentum on your life’s purpose with the magical support available to you in the Sanctuary.

Pay attention:

– because if you don’t lay the foundation now- Sun in Aquarius next month… compounding with Jupiter and Saturn, the energy will be breaking lots of rules and absconding responsibility….

Therefore, right now you can combine the nurturing nature of the Cancer moon with the responsible no-nonsense approach of Capricorn for reliable changes that last. You can have higher standards now, and gift yourself the self care you truly deserve.

Capricorn’s goal oriented, and ambitious in nature..take charge and get going. Especially with Chiron (the wounded healer) and Mars in Aries now too. These placement are truly determined and poised to win…you can be too. That being said, watch out for violence or arguments, as Mars IS the god of war, after all….

Best Practices for alignment:

  • Organize something.
  • Uplevel something. Maybe it’s your haircare products. It was for me, this year. Maybe it’s a shabby, but not chic thing you have. Get something better.
  • Any practical, seemingly boring step that’s a key for success might need your attention right now. This one’s not so sexy, but totally inevitably necessary. What are you putting off doing that will help in the long run? Call it out in the comments in the facebook Goddess Sister Support Group.
  • Creating systems- Do what works. My clients and I use the lunar cycles. There’s an art to this, and it’s included in the next tip…
  • Strategic Self care. This one looks different for everyone. Try these magical tools to co-create meaningful practices that feel great and accomplish specific beneficial purposes.
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