Getting philosophical under the full moon

Honey Moon, Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, Mead Moon…Call it what you will, it’s a new opportunity to check your thoughts. See if they’re in alignment with what you’re really about. That, and enjoy the little things in life, like the strawberries, this is the best they’ll taste all year. And the roses, oh the roses.. you must smell some soon…it’s high frequency aromatherapy.

This is the beginning of eclipse season, and we’ll be seeing some new truths and extra intensity around each of these upcoming moon timings. But you also get some fresh inspiration and ideas. Being open and receptive right now to untried, new, ways could be just what you need. Maybe what we all need. However, synthesizing the concepts that show up for you will require your focus. Then innovation’s just around the corner. Eclipses typically reveal something that’s been hidden, even in plain sight, so pay attention and share your insights in the Goddess Sister Support Group.

The Gemini Sun is teaching us to be open to new inputs and ideas of all kinds….we search out the truths and find them.

This Sagittarius Moon is encouraging us all to be philosophical… To form new opinions about the ways things work & the way they’ve been up till now. It asks us to connect to the most expansive way to move forward.. So what fresh perspective is available now? This can be in your personal journey, or for the collective...for everyone. Every bit of this is high holy work. What codes have been seeded, activated, and unlocked with the intel you’ve gathered? What will you do with the knowledge you’ve gained from all your experiences and lifetimes?

Take full responsibility for yourself – for the time you take up and the space you occupy. If you don’t know what you’re here to do, then just do some good. – Maya Angelou Click To Tweet
maya angelou quote astrology responsibility doing good

This full moon shines a light on:

  • creating your strong clear intentions for expansion and freedom and discerning what actions you’ll need to get you there
  • clearing out thought patterns that zap your energy, or make you feel bad, and replacing them with more empowering habits or ideas that are more in line with what you want, and the highest good of all concerned.
  • forgiving or letting go of any toxic thoughts, people, ideas, beliefs. What’s it trying to teach you? Say ‘thanks for the learning’ and release it for good.
  • using your voice powerfully when you say what you want, on social media, in your relationships, and IRL
  • surprising adventures and spontaneity
  • singing, chanting, humming, or conscious breathing as meditation -or as a grounding practice.
  • being curiosity and discovery lead you to a new source of understanding
  • writing or communicating great ideas, inspiration and insights


  • blunt miscommunication of all kinds, & saying the ‘wrong’ thing
  • scattered & unfocused thinking
  • being reckless
  • taking unnecessary chances or risks
  • superficiality
  • being preachy or holier-than-thou
  • negative talk (or self-talk) that runs on and on….
  • arguments that don’t make sense or solve anything

Get your power back , right here in the present moment. You can do this. Truth is, you have to. We need your magic. Your unique light. Your message of love. / photo by Rhea
You, and your well being are so important. Click To Tweet

So you gotta pull out the daily rituals & practices that make you feel good… or visit the self care sanctuary. whenever, wherever you need it. It’s a collection of practical magic that you can conjure easily with your wifi to feel calm and peaceful. An online temple where you can beautify and fortify your body. A space to invite the muses for your highest creative priorities. A classroom where you can learn sacred dance, time-bending, and other priestess practices that helps you be more effective with less effort. A space to receive energetic transmissions for personal healing and turn on your cosmic connection.

You’re invited to regroup and dedicate some time to your well being during this Full moon. Bravely expand into your life’s true purpose, and feel supported, nurtured and fortified in your growth. This is perfect timing to get a handle on all of it.

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