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Going beyond the illusions of the Pisces Full Moon.

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Just When You Wanted To Dissolve Into Bliss…

You are catapulted into the here and now. The desire for evolution requires your full attention. The Pisces moon is an oceanic oblivion of nirvana. Just because you’re ready to finally detach and let go of old struggle-patterns, there’s a practical voice that says…”Wait. Have you harvested the lessons and distilled the wisdom of your struggle?” That’s the Virgo Sun talking (now through September 22).

pisces full moon on the water
September 1st-4th

What’s great about temperance is that it prevents a backslide in to the old way. It offers you an opportunity to really embody something new. Even if you’d prefer to fantasize something that feels good, you’ll gain much more by running these fresh lunar transmissions through your current psyche. Just be with it for a bit. The analytical Virgo mind can be a tremendous resource, and you have access to it now. The illusion of your belief and how it shaped your reality up until this moment wants to be discovered.

Then, reality shifts under your feet.

Now this can happen because you wanted it to, willed it..desired…or because your circumstance, or environment demanded it. But it happens. Humble self-assessment is necessary. But it can feel rough and make you want to go unconscious again too.

What to watch out for during pisces moon: escapism, addiction, martyrdom, apathy, procrastination, self destructiveness

The alchemy of water

Connecting to the watery realm of emotion will find the parts of you that feel restricted, stifled and self-sacrificing.  When you observe the places where you feel insecure, and emotionally restrained, they’re probably the same places where you’re feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. This could be where you’re being judgmental or self-criticizing too. Self denigration is unproductive in the end, and can even make even the greatest relationships challenging.

First, Pisces is filled with compassion, selflessness, and miracles. A water sign that activates emotions. All kinds. It’s not just you…everyone with strong water in their chart (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) is feeling flotsam and jetsam. However this is a good thing. Because allowing yourself to feel allows you to heal. Regeneration is totally possible. Allow the subconscious to surface.

Miro hirano art ethereal woman and fish
art: Miho Hirano

Moreover, a little bit of healthy encouragement can get your Goddess-wisdom to materialize way more easily and help you take some actions for your own greatest good.

The Pisces moon transit is wonderful for healing the spirit. 

You are loved, loving and lovable. It’s time to enjoy some honest self awareness, helpful resolutions, and self honoring daily routines …Surrender to a better way.

Pisces full moon Jessamina highlights relationhip to healing and feeling, attachement and detachment, practicality and fantasy, instinctive awfareness and higher consciusness

In conclusion, Pisces Moon is encouraging your super psychic abilities. You’ve got more imaginative creativity and some deep compassion for yourself and others. You’ll need it. Hyper- sensitivity is likely. On the upside, you’re poised to delve into the subconscious. Next, you can clean up some old energetic goo, recognize that disappointing pattern, or solve a depressing problem once and for all. An insightful perspective might be perfect for you right now, book a call .

Especially potent right now are energy medicine,  water rituals, sacred hydration, healing elixirs and infusions. There’s lots more healing practices you’ll love in the sanctuary

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