Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Going beyond your illusions under the Pisces Full Moon.

pisces full moon on the water
-September 19-21

Stay Conscious.

This full moon timing exacerbates your escapist tendencies. As attractive as it seems to dissolve into your own personal bliss..or stick your head in the sand, the ‘here and now’ of the present moment demands your attention.

There is a healing about to happen if you can feel. Grounded empaths have no problem with this, but everyone else is getting fundamentally disturbed. Understandably so.

Manage your stress

Stress management has been a strong focus for my family, friends and clients, but nothing could’ve prepared us for these past months. It’s important to note that when you’re committed to growth you’re always looking at upheaveals of any sort with a side-eye. Asking, what else could this mean?

Pisces full moon Jessamina highlights relationhip to healing and feeling, attachement and detachment, practicality and fantasy, instinctive awfareness and higher consciusness

It’s likely an old pattern of unconsciousness. It could be a very personal issue. However, there’s a lot of unconsciousness going on as a collective too. We are asked to make informed decisions, yet the data is manipulated. Even as the esteemed experts and leaders lie to you, the small voice within you can still be trusted…

Trust yourself

The illusion of your current beliefs and how they shaped your reality, up until this moment, wants to be discovered.

Seriously. You don’t have to walk around unconscious anymore. Self assessment is an ongoing process. I help clients and couples get decisive in a way that feels congruent with the values they want to live by. It’s easier than you think.

However, please know that it’s important not to become a sacrifice. Martyrdom is not as glamourous as some would like you to think. Now is not the time for apathy or surrender either.


Know this, the compassionate Piscean nature of this full moon is reflecting the light of the discerning Virgo Sun. We need your critical thinking. Yes, both can exist at the same time. Takes a bit of creativity and commitment to stay the course of right action. I know. It can be confusing. The upcoming mercury retrograde will likely show how we’ve been fooled or how the truth was diverted. It will show us how we can make things right.

Lastly, even with glimmers of truth pervading the scene, it can be hard to get motivated. Be aware of the tendency to put stuff off. Even the super important things that you’ve been meaning to get to…and just haven’t.

What to watch out for during pisces moon: escapism, addiction, martyrdom, apathy, procrastination, self destructiveness

Evolution requires your full attention.

The Pisces moon is oceanic waves of oblivion or nirvana. Just because you’re ready to finally detach and let go of old struggle-patterns, there’s a practical voice that says…”Wait. Did you harvest the lessons and distill the wisdom of your struggle?” That’s your inner Virgo talking. (learn more about your astrological makeup here)

What’s great about temperance is that it prevents a backslide in to the old way. It offers you an opportunity to really embody something new. Even if you’d prefer to fantasize something that feels good, you’ll gain much more by running these fresh lunar transmissions through your current psyche. Just be with it for a bit. The analytical Virgo mind can be a tremendous resource, and you still have access to it now before the equinox.