Healing the spirit with Pisces

Where is the magic, mystery and romance? Tune in, it’s everywhere right now. The Winter may still be holding us hostage, perpetuating your isolationist tendencies… But some of those skeletal limbs of the trees are budding, just a little.. and support a few birds that arrived early, singing. You might even be inspired enough to look up from your phone and notice the signs of renewed life.

Gucci Mermaids from the art installation Hallucination
Art by Gucci

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. The fishes. Ideally the Piscean archetype is the culmination of all the learnings and teachings of the other 11 Zodiac signs. The cycle’s over. Now you’re more than ready to break ties with the unhealthy parts of your past, and ready to believe in Magic again. The Pisces archetype is alive and well in everyone, and it’s more available to you now more than ever. If this winter has made you feel dry and brittle…Feel into the liquid deep Piscean energy. Wherever you feel dead and lifeless, allow yourself to imagine regeneration.

Ready for some of your subconscious stuff to surface? Good. It’s an opportunity to see where you’ve evolved. Time to let go of elusive dreams that never really felt right anyway. A time for allowing your imagination to run towards the recognition of new joy.

Einstein also says, ” I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.”

That’s clairsentience. You may find that intuitive, channeled information and mystical readings are better than usual, and you’re more psychic now too.

New moon is February 22-25

Pisces embodiment also looks like compassion, selflessness, and miracles. It’s beautiful. Of course, being a water sign, you may find that emotions are really mutable ..it’s not just you…everyone with strong water in their chart (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) too. So watch out for the unfocused, escapist stuff that comes with this timing.

Mercury is Retrograde, also in Pisces, and Neptune, the ruling planet , in Pisces as well. So you must persist in transmitting clearly what you feel, know, envision and experience. Choose some exceptional positive thoughts to daydream about and let yourself create a clear intention now, while doing your best to creatively express it.

Also it’s time for more compassion for yourself and others.. and wherever else it’s needed in your life: like, where have you judged, been unkind, impatient or self-destructive? Allow compassion.

So many people who have Pisces (or water) prominent in their chart can’t bear to see others in pain, but will accept so much suffering in their own life. This affects self-esteem and self worth and can make healthy relationships challenging. Remember, everything’s changeable and miracles happen all the time.

Goddess of the sea Amphitrite at the Louvre

This Pisces energy is perfect for magical water rituals… The energy of water is vital to our well-being, it contains the essence of nurturing, healing and love. Maybe come to the spa with me, it’s magic for your sensitive spirit, makes you feel like royalty, and gives you time to re-assess what you really want. Try some Ritual Bathing on your own for mood clearing and fresh awareness. Just like streams of water in nature, emotions need to flow. They need outlets too, or they pool up and get murky. We can’t have that. Clouding up your sparkling brilliance would be a crime. Being spiritually fulfilled and happy is your birthright.

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