How the retrogrades will affect your summer

The summer retrograde planets offer an opportunity to re-evaluate what’s not working and practice discernment. Retrogrades mean plenty of second chances. It’ll all go smoother if you are willing to reconsider your prior commitments and promises. All of them. The ones you made to yourself, your partner, work, or art.


First up, the speediest planet. The messenger of the Gods. Usually. Now he’s delaying travel, healing, and your communications. Some of your electronic stuff is jamming too. Messages weren’t sent..or received in a timely manner, or when you expect it. This Retrograde lasts until July 12th. Do what you need to recharge your batteries and keep your stress down while this frustrating transit is happening.

Lately, most of our plans have been falling through anyway … You think we’d be used to it, but you might be surprised to find a double booking here and there for the next few weeks. A meeting you committed to- the same time as a call. A transportation issue. A malfunctioning machine. An annoying delay. A do-over.

"I have to double check." This is the smartest thing you an say during mercury retrograde. Click To Tweet

To add insult to injury, the wi-fi takes a nosedive every Mercury retrograde cycle for me. My youngest son got kicked off an intense video game, and got banned for dropping off. My computer started going slow a few days before the retrograde even officially started. I’m practicing patience: I keep my nail polish, and a book at the desk to keep my hands busy while I wait for the lagging. Sometimes I’ll get up play with the pup, practice some yoga for a few minutes, or do a chocolate meditation.

I know I’ll get my work done despite the interruptions. These little tech-glitches can become opportunities for purposeful breaks that help us keep calm, cool and collected during this bullshit.

You can’t control everything…

Hey, your phone’s frozen too? Just put it away. Walk outside. Look out the window. Did you drop the ball with something that’s still relevant or important? Maybe there is a better way! You can refresh your perspective for better results now. Try again, Wildflower. You got this.

So many planets in retrograde though


Retrograde until June 25th, Venus rules our emotions and our relationships with friends, family and lovers. It also influences art and beauty and our appreciation or response to them. Your DIY haircut may not turn out right. An old lover may crop up in real life or in your thoughts, dreams & your social media, but while it’s retrograding, you may not know what you want…


Begins retrograding in Pisces June 23rd- January 14th is in charge of spirituality, the dreamtime, and compassion. It’s what makes you high, and blurs the lines on reality. So extra effort will be needed to maintain your bearings when there’s too much of a ‘crowded’ vibe from other people. Creating time for self-reflection, psychic practices and mysticism all by yourself is a kind thing to do. Especially while the swirling emotional realm is activated during the Cancer Season June and July.


Retrograde until September 29th in Aquarius. It Messes with the status quo and how you relate to rebelliousness, as well as overcoming your weaknesses and fears..However it’s also about redefining all of this for humanity as a collective. Progressive change, and use of technology in an innovative way. This is where far-out ideas can come in to the fold that could really help the world right now..and while it’s retrograding, we can get some inspiration from the past too.

“We must live together as brothers (and sisters) or perish together as fools.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. Click To Tweet

Jupiter & Pluto

Jupiter’s retrograding until September 13th. It’s all about expansion and your luck. This is also the ways you want to grow and spread your wings. What you’re trying to develop and get going. As you journey forward, you’ll need to be patient while leaning into your new life and reality… Pluto is about unconscious functioning, power, strength and willpower. Retrograding until October 4th. It’s all happening in Capricorn for both of these planets. Now might be a good time to see if you can set up some kind of structure to help you. You may even want to revisit an old routine, ritual or habit that worked in the past..It could be the thing that’s effective least for the next few months.

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You totally have the strength to face the ups and downs during these retrograde cycles. If you want a guide for wonderful ways for managing anxiety, get the free guide below, 7 sacred ways to relieve stress.

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