Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

How to access The Lion’s Gate as a portal for your evolution

Sirius is associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis. 

Like a divine mother feeding her children, the flooding of the Nile began, with this timing of the rising up of the water as Sirius rises up from on the horizon. The heliacal rising at the same time as our own sun! 

In ancient Egypt this flood would transform the hot desert land into a lush, fertile, oasis each summer. Sirius, plus our own sun… A signal to celebrate, and could be predictably  counted on for thousands of years before the Aswan Dam changed this phenomenon. 

But wait there’s more!

The Sirius star system is actually 2 stars.  It’s a member of a binary system, and its companion is a tiny (smaller than Earth!) white dwarf star named Sirius B, or more playfully, “The Pup.”  (Sirius is called the dog star, canis majoris. Cute right? 😁)

They call these days of summer the dog days of summer. 

It’s HOT.   Seirios, is Greek for “sparking”, “fiery,” or “scorching.” Precisely how it feels on your skin right now.

I was doing some research that lead me to a revelation about the orbits of these 2 solar beings. This chart I found lead me to a startling conclusion.

image from

What you’re looking at in the dark part of the image is the view of the teeny Sirius B next to the Sirius A star. Normally we can’t see it because Sirius is soooo bright and the pup, not so much. BUT. BUT. BUT!!! …. Right now if you look at the diagram image in the corner of this pic you’ll notice that in the year 2022 it the furthest from Sirius A, and the closest to earth!

So…we’ve got Sirius B infront of Sirius A, aligned with our Sun right now! Scorcher indeed. Lots of solar flares lately and a ton of cosmic energy that aligns us to our galactic center. The Galactic center is astronomy-astrology talk for the central vortex of the galaxy that we’re all revolving around. 

A key alignment with our earth in the Galactic center, happens to be a light chamber inside the Queen’s Chamber of the great pyramid, along with the sphinx. This Lion’s gate opens with the time of the Astrological Leo Sun. July 23rd (which just happens to be my birthday), peaks August 8, and continues throughout the fiery Leo Season until August 22.

Here’s a handy table to discover when the actual rising will happen for your latitude. Don’t know your latitude? Go here:
In Central PA in America, it’ll be August 12th for me.

You can access the Solar brilliance of these 3 Suns anytime now- during the Leo season, but it’s especially potent during this solar conjunction we call the Lion’s gate. 

Get some of that starlight on you!

You can totally tune into the “Lion’s Gate” now, any time of day until August 21.

As an aside, if you’ve been attuned to reiki by me personally, then you have an extra connection to the Giza Pyramid energy, from when my reiki master/teacher received a power code download on a trip there and passed it on to me. (..and to you!)

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