How to be brave and courageous with Leo.

Greetings Your Highness…

It’s time to access your true power.

Leo’s a fire sign, ruled by the heart and ready to burn away all that is not truth, or necessary, for you anymore. An opportunity to make room for your master plan, your wild creativity, or that first bold step towards your best possible future.

This fiery energy gifts you with the power you need to bravely get it going, or get it done..

Make your royal desires known throughout the cosmos as you create your intentions and passionate wishes on the Delta Aquariid, and Perseid meteor showers over the next few days. The Alpha Capricornid meteoers are visible too and occasionally look like giant fireballs! Get out in the dark of night or just before the dawn for a real good show.

Love yourself enough to ask for what you want- image of meteors

The new moon in Leo holds you in the spotlight. Your leadership is magnified. Your concentrated focus is amped up. Heightened. Your strength of purpose becomes fiery determination.

Practice your saucy walk while holding your chin up high with dignity. Feels good, right? Get into character and have some fun with your brave posture, you might even make-believe your way into some really courageous and powerful changes.

Come out of your comfort zone - Lion resting. Jessamina quote

It’s time to get the show on the road, and this timing offers some confidence on a gold platter. If you’ve been reluctant or nervous to take the next step forward, courage is available to you now. The lion-hearted are already basking in the you can too.

You’ve got Leo somewhere in your chart, so you’ve got the courage to get it done.

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It can be scary to come out, to show ’em what you’re really made of…but this timing is great for being a bit more ambitious than usual and creating an enthusiastic display of your awesomeness.

Be careful, though….nobody likes arrogance, or big hulking egos. The New moon in Leo amplifies the strength of these attributes July 31- August 2nd.

What to atch out for during the Leo New Moon

That being said, don’t be afraid to want what you want. You don’t have to be a royal pain to get your needs met. Leo energy in it’s higher form is passionate, generous and playful. Go for those attributes, feels better and warmer to everyone.

Now’s the time to manage feelings of self-doubt, inferiority and anxiety. Bust through the oppressive patterns that keep you from knowing what your really want. All the good stuff comes to you when you acknowledge your sovereign self in all your glory. You deserve to feel good, and enjoy life!

Spend some time in connection with your heart for some sparkling clarity, to learn where your true strengths & talents are, and activate them with intention.

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