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How to enhance your personal beauty and relationships with the Libra archetype

Libra season September 23-October 22

Libra Season

The balance tips towards darkness. The Libra Sun is the herald of the Equinox and every day after that is colder and darker. But the apples are ripe. You’ve all ready pulled out your favorite long-sleeved cozy-rific solution and you gather up the wood for a fire. The leaves are putting on a colorful show…then they curl up, dry up and become the earth again. A promise of abundant soil fertility next spring. When the light comes back.

These dark nights will beckon you outside under the canopy of the milky way and stars. The promise and reward of hope and wonder, the pure potentiality of limitlessness… All yours when you look up. Orionid Meteor showers peaking soon, just look for the constellations Orion to find them.

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Libra Archetype

Find Libra in your own personal astrology chart. Look for the Planet Venus too. This is what’s getting activated at this time. Look for ways to find balance there, look for ways to bring more beauty thereā€¦seek the truth there too. Don’t know how to read your chart? Go here.

No matter if you have your chart handy, the Libra energy offers new opportunities for paradoxical thinking as well as diplomatic solutions for everyone. It’s a different type of creativity that you can activate now.  You can even see all sides of a situation or problem at the the same time. Which balances your perspective nicely for the stuff that’s been confusing or confounding lately.

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Recognize the things that need changing in your relationships. This could be the way it feels, sounds or looks. You can shift a challenging relationship now….that includes;

Partnerships and relationships of all kinds:

  • your relationship to your self- How can you partner with yourself for more self loving and acceptance?
  • Your relationships with others- Is it time for deeper connections? more connections? a business partner? a strategic alliance?
  • Your relationship to your health- What’s out of balance with your self care?
  • Your relationship to daily disciplines and habits, …even your relationship with balance!

Vibrancy and newness can be activated with just a few tweaks to your current repertoire to be more loving and beautiful.

The Goddess of Beauty

Venus is the planetary ruler of Libra. She’s also the Goddess of beauty, love and self love. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom and a work-from-home solopreneur for long awhile. Getting pretty-ed up makes me feel good. It gives me a sense of purpose and encourages more magic in zoom rooms and on calls even when the camera is off. When I pass by the mirror, I like what I see. When my husband comes home, he does too. Even when I’m angry or making an opposing point (especially now while Mars is in Aries, retrograding..) I do way better when I’m confident, and looking my best.

Grooming is an act of self care

Playing with your hair is a wonderful self-soothing practice that beautifies at the same time. Win-win, right???. But as we flow into the colder weather I tend not to want to get wet. I go a little longer between shampoos. I’ve been known to use dry shampoo and a little heat style to make me feel like a goddess again.

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Just when I found out that my favorite products had crappy ingredients (for ex: parabens, phthalates…f*&%#ng propane!) I was simultaneously introduced to a line of beauty products I love. With great ingredients that immediately restore softness and shine, as well as improves the quality hair over time. Their dry shampoo is a-frickin-mazing. The split end mender is doing it’s job while I try to get back on my hairdresser’s schedule. I chose a shampoo that helps to protect my scalp, strengthen, and thicken my fine hair’s density, and a conditioner that protects, gives shine and manageability. Now I have way better hair days with clean, safe and effective products that are not only healthy but help me feel my best.

I am proud to announce that I’ve begun a journey as a market partner with a global plant-based beauty company that offers incredible antiaging haircare, skincare and wellness. Vegan, gluten free, leaping bunny certified, non toxic. You know, all the good stuff.

Hair care is an investment in your confidence and happiness. I’d love to learn more about your hair and skin, and make some personal recommendations for upgrading your beauty rituals.