Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

How to improve your relationships and partnerships during Libra season

Libra Season is September 23-October 22

The balance is profound. The day and night equal. The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West as exact markers of the directions during this timing.

Libra season and the scales of justice
Libra New Moon is September 25-27 which will amplify the Libran influence.

Now begins the tip towards darkness.

The Libra Sun is the herald of the Autumnal Equinox and every day after this, is colder and darker.

The leaves begin the colorful show…then they curl up, dry up, and become the earth again. Compost for abundant nutrient rich soil and fertility for the next spring. The inner work you do now is important.

Now, the apples are ripe. Delicious. You’ve all ready pulled out your favorite long-sleeved cozy-rific solution and you may even be gathering up wood for a warming fire. Our chores and to-do lists look different now that autumn is here. Which is why I suggest you re-evaluate your priorities when each season changes.

These dark nights will beckon you outside under the canopy of the milky way and stars. The promise and reward of hope and wonder, the pure potentiality of limitlessness… All yours.

Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are all visible now.

Also September 24 – October 7 mornings: Zodiacal lights 90 minutes before sunriseLook up!

Zodiacal light image from Earthsky.

The Libra Archetype

First, the astrological energies getting activated are encouraging you to look for ways to find balance.

More importantly, help you notice what’s out of balance…(Maybe you need more self care?)

You can flow with this season more easily when you can create more ways to bring more beauty into your world, body or surroundings.

Seek the truth and diplomatic solutions for everyone. Know that it’s possible to see all sides of a situation or problem at the the same time.

As a relationship coach with a Libra rising, I’ve got a gift for creative solutions for love/work partners and families. Having Pluto in Libra helps me help you transform drama into more harmonious ways to be on the same wavelength for more love and cooperation.

 quantum physics quote particle and wave Joan jett quote

♎Libra encourages Partnerships and relationships of all kinds:

  • Your relationship to your self– How can you partner with yourself for more self loving and acceptance?
  • Your relationship to your health– What’s out of balance with your body?
  • Your relationship to daily disciplines and habits, …How’s your relationship with balance!?
  • Your relationships with others– Is it time for deeper connections? More connections? A new business partner? A strategic alliance?

You can shift any challenging relationship now for more love and understanding.

In your intimate relationship, vibrancy and newness can be activated with just a few tweaks. Your current repertoire can be more loving and beautiful. This timing makes it easier to recognize the things that need changing in your relationships and easier to make the changes fast.

I’ve written a free report to help you with that. You can get it here 💖👇