It’s Aries season. Keep stress down and vibes high.

The new Moon, the Sun and Chiron are all in the self-care sign of Aries..

In nature, it’s one of the most energetic times of the year… More life for all, right??? But we’re called to stay at home! Gaaaaa! Daffodils, hyacinths, and tree buds are bursting open, worms are slithering, birds chase them & sing…Tiny sprouts , fearlessly shooting up, defying the hard dirt. They beckon us outside. So go! Self care has us social distancing so make sure you get out there on foot, and see what’s blooming in your yard, and your neighborhood and get some fresh air.

If you’re ecologically conscious, and don’t play with chemical pesticides and fertilizers, look for the dandelions, chickweed and violets that are blooming now. Feel free to eat them up. Dandelion flowers and leaves are nourishing to your kidney and liver and are loaded with B vitamins..a natural de-stressor and also helps the immune system. ( Here are 10 more ways to boost your immune system). Dandelions are bitter, -but sweeter when they’re young, so get ’em now and mix them right into a diverse salad, and you won’t notice… Violet leaves and flowers are also very nutritious, and are mild tasting in contrast. You’ll feel great after even just trying one leaf or flower…but I encourage you to indulge. They’re so cheerful and beautiful. I just love them.  

Jessamina- edible flowers salad. Add some edible finds from your yard to a healthy salad for some wild nourishment

It looks as though my parsley overwintered well, and is thriving and green in the garden. Thyme and rosemary too. Foraging for edible weeds, flowers and herbs gives me a sense of being supported and cared for by the Earth. A sense of control in uncertain times. So open your eyes and look around.

Share what you find and like to eat in the comments!

This timing is also great for getting your tiny seeds sprouting… watch them fearlessly shooting up, defying the dirt in your victory garden. Determined. Active. Brave. Just like Aries.  Like you too.

Aries is the warrior archetype that’s being activated in all of us..

As wonderful as that is for our survival skills (get out and dig!), however, be on the lookout for the negative aspects of Aries; (your own,and others’ too): impulsiveness, competitiveness, childishness, hotheadedness and unchecked anger, other random emergencies and urgencies...possible violence & fighting too…so take extra precautions to keep yourself safe. Also, the surge of energy, may affect virus rather than give it an opportunity to be aggressive and ‘attack’, really, really try to stay home as much as possible now..especially during the new moon transit through March 26th.

You gotta stay high-vibing with the energetic, passionate, aspects that stir your heart and make you feel good.

Don’t let fear stop you from growing…This is the perfect time to start something. The past months of winter probably revealed what’s important to you…maybe even something that wasn’t working. Making this a wonderful opportunity to take some steps toward your new reality. Even if you’re not sure, even if you make a mistake…just go in the general direction of your new wishes, and desires. You can do this from home. Really!!!! Start a project…Take Some Action…

Fire up your desires with one small act- woman dancing

You might be getting an impulse to pursue some fun & playful things that give you more life-juice. Fun could be what’s missing while you ‘shelter in place’. I created a feel-good program called “Lila with Lakshmi” which is all about reducing stress through play and connecting your true abundance, desires and strengths. Lakshmi helps get rid of fear if you’re feeling afraid right now. You can move. Dance. Try something New. 

For example;

  • Start (or finish!) something important to you
  • make a brave decision that can take you, your dream or your project forward
  • speak up for the changes you want to see in your romantic relationship or at work
  • ask for what you really want!

Aries timing will encourage you, and help you not feel so nervous about showing up authentically. It can be good to kick your self-doubt to the curb.

Trust your self a little more.

goddess athena When fears start to come up around change, you can choose to be courageous.

You’re called to do some self-discovery. Take inventory of risks… the risks not taken too. It can feel tricky to navigate right now, but remaining open to the possibilities that you may not see right away can be an awesome opportunity.  Choose to uncover something wonderful about yourself. Your truth. Your latent talents.

You can make self care a priority now. Finally! You know, I’m all about that. I’d love to help you manage your stress and love yourself better. It’s time.

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