Idealism & radical acts of kindness – Aquarius new moon.

The first ‘radical kindness’ that showed up for me today was an act of self forgiveness..

It happened so fast. The habitual unhelpful voice was silenced by the compassionate watcher. I forgave myself for thinking those thoughts… I amazed myself. SO excited for even more new perspectives that’re accessible during this timing.

Be intentional with your thoughts.

Stay open to new ideas that come from bright Venus in the morning or the general direction of Orion’s belt at night.

The muse of Astrology & Astronomy, Goddess Urania, would love for you to look up and wonder for a little while..

New moon timings gently suggest you make a clean break with traditions and habits that don’t really serve you or turn you on, anymore.

Take a peek at your Best Year Ever planner again and see what fresh thinking you can put on those tougher goals.

Goddess Urania Muse of Astrology & Astronomy

Meditate a tic and see if you can come up with an out-of-the-box solution that’s innovating and inventive. What haven’t you tried?

  • Try deep Meditation, zen meditation, transcendental mediation, tantric meditation, guided meditation..whatever your favorite practice is..or you can invent your own unusual mindful practice to create a brand new way of doing mundane things. Especially the mundane things you don’t enjoy. You can trick yourself right into the benefits of meditation by making it symbolic and performing it like a sacred seva or a magical practice..or both!
  • Work with the element of Air;  incense and aromatherapy…also transformational breath, the air you share, vocal toning, singing…
  • Expand your vision with spirit guides, etheric helpers & your totemic allies.

Tune in and ask, How can my vision and desires benefit the greater good?

  • Creative writing & communication is powerful right now too, as Mercury, (the planet of communication) also in Aquarius through February 9th. How will you use the power of your words? What will you broadcast and how will you share your vision? Go ahead and share this blog with someone!
  • Mediumship & telepathy: you don’t have to be a psychic to trust your higher knowing right now…and your etheric lover is easier to access too.
Boris Vallejo lovers etheric winged woman and her devoted man

Moon, Black Moon Lilith, Mercury and Sun are all in the sign of Aquarius for the next few days, adding lots more power to their innovative tendencies.

You have every astrological archetype within you… A little, or a lot.

All of the Aquarius in your natal chart is being activated, triggered and empowered all at the same time now. Aquarius empowers the new vision:

Auarius traits symbol vision inventiveness freedom out-of-the-box tinking independance humanitarianism rebelliousness intelligence how you relate to technology

I know humans can learn to use technology responsibly.

My intention is to use the internet for good. Creating vortexes of peace & plenty while connecting to sacred practices of the season, at your convenience, of course….

A portal of comfort & joy while you heal…get you feeling good again. Fast. Technology allows me to dance, heal, journey with you whenever you want in the Sanctuary.

We can connect easily. It’s like Bi-location. On demand!

Abraham HIcks quote: As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate you attract.

Remember, you are in control of your vibration.

What you tune into matters. (Like, literally, it turns into matter.)

So you can not keep scrolling through hours of negative bullshit, or tolerating hateful opinions as your daily dose of ‘vibe’.

You deserve better. Uplift your vibration..or change your vibration entirely.

One more thing:

watch out for aquarius negative traits: Having no boundaries , being too detached, rebellion for no reason, unpredictability, extremism

XO Jessamina

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