the last full moon of winter.

Stressed out from the news and social media? Coping with the wet and windy weather isn’t helping. But spring is on the way. The slowly returning light has a new position. Sun’s higher in the sky, and lasting a bit longer, making perfect angles to splay rainbows from the prisms in my widows. It’s a simple pick-me-up on these last dull days of winter.

Scattered rainbows are magic gifts of light. Mini refracted reminders of enchantment. It makes me ponder the holographic nature of everything and everyone. I need this most in the wintertime. The outdoors is clouded, gray and somber. Depressing. But rainbows are beautiful and free.

“To me, the rainbow was a profoundly hopeful symbol, separating the the white light of appearances into its multiple spectrum and revealing a hidden dimension. It reminded me of my belief that it was the mission of science to pierce through the layers of everyday reality and penetrate to the truth.” – Candace B. Pert, Molecules of Emotion: The science behind mind-body medicine

The truth is, it’s tough to get through the winter without a bout of the winter blues.

Now our immune systems need us to step up more than ever,.When you prioritize your self care with sweet practices that make you feel delighted and alive, instead of dead inside- you get a hit of endorphins which makes you happier, hotter and healthier. Identifying, preparing for or eliminating stress triggers helps tremendously. I share lots more in the bonus workshop on Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Sanctuary. But you can keep your health up and get 7 sacred ways to relieve stress instantly here for FREE.

The Sun’s in the water sign of Pisces, an emotional sign, and it’s sooo easy to get disturbed and sensitive right now. Pisces is the melancholy mystic that resides within us all. The spiritual, imaginative side of existence with the wizened knowledge that nothing physical lasts forever in it’s current form. Growth and change are inevitable. It’s tempting to stick your head in the sand…but you gotta eliminate as much negativity as possible so you can transmit what you’re here to share with the world clearly.

Most people will be indulging in extreme moodiness or numbing it all out until Spring, but especially now. Please don’t you go down the rabbit hole of critical self talk ..just so you know, it rarely gets your psyche motivated to be better. No one needs any more confusion or stress during the last throes of Mercury Retrograde, either. It’s hard enough, just slow down… But perhaps you are practicing intentional solitude (or feeling confined!) also common during Pisces season

Pure intentions met with clear action- is the higher purpose of this moon. 

An opportunity to balance the creative, imaginal right brain (Pisces) with the systematic, logical left brain (Virgo) for powerful results. You might even create the breakthrough that you need before the winter’s even over.

"I still feel like I have a lot to prove. My biggest burning question is 'How much more are you capable of ?'" -Drew Barrymore (Pisces) Click To Tweet
Hestia by Howard David

The Super Chaste Moon.

The word “chaste” has a synonymous relationship with the words “virgin and virginal”… and Virgo!  Keeping the hearth burning through the night and day this winter had me playing the vestal virgin. Goddess Hestia. Keeper of the flame.. I burned through two cords of wood already. I like it hot.

Here are some ideas for you to maximize your success on the last full moon of Winter:

Designating a dream journal, & date the entries. Keep recording your night dreams and daydreams all the way up to the next full moon cycle and see what wants to manifest through your subconscious mind. What have you been overlooking? See if you can track any emerging patterns or symbolism and capture the insights from the deep Pisces psyche that’s trying to come through during this lunar phase. Already do the dream journal thing? Check your entries from late August to mid-September. See any similarities in your current realities?

Organizing or freshening up your creative supplies. For instance, new notebooks and gel pens get me excited to put ideas down on paper to blog or write about on my computer later. I use legal pads for client calls, and pretty file folders at work. Because seeing them makes me happy, and keeping them easy to access turns me on. (must be my natal Virgo Moon)

In other words, Cleaning out the sewing box, getting rid of cruddy paint and dried up markers could spark inspiration, even as you pare down your materials. Creating ‘white space’ anywhere is great for relieving stress… sharpening your colored pencils can be therapeutic too. Certainly gathering your supplies in a way that’s appealing and easier to play with…makes creative work easy when inspiration strikes… It’ll all be waiting for you.

All art is about creating form out of the formless, and is a perfect activity for right now. For example, you could incorporate some kind of sign, magical symbol, color or words, or even a theme from your dreams into your creative projects. See what happens.

Can’t do it today?

Planning your creative emergence. Sounds counter-intuitive. Yeah, but it’s not. Put it on your calendar and you’ll have your playtime scheduled. You need to create time for creative and practice time. However, daydreaming about your future project will also bring joy and illumination …even if it all has to wait until spring.

Dreaming up a game plan for your bee-fairy-butterfly garden… Go organic. Vow to plant your favorite flowers. I love roses and add to my garden each year. Research and find local organic plant suppliers or order seed catalogs. Tell everybody where you shop. Check out the perennial plant species for your geographic area that the pollinators prefer. Tell the locals. More yards need to be a safe haven for the most important species on the planet. 🖤 Bees. 💛 If you happen to love flowers and fresh organic food, then you and the bees have the same agenda, making you one of the most important species too.

For instance, I know it’s still winter here in the northern hemisphere, but you can start seeds inside if you want.. or look out the window and designate a drab corner for some wildflowers. After that, you might even scope out some random patch of dirt on your daily rounds that could use a little flowering-up. Ordering seeds gives you something to look forward to. Above all, I find the Sow True Seed catalogs are cheerful, colorful, pick-me-ups that inspire hope and new possibility.

In conclusion, I’ve made it real easy to stay inspired and stress free whenever you want, every day, with access to the potent practices, sacred dances, workshops and healing experiences in The Goddess Sanctuary. A seasonally inspired temple dedicated to your well-being with expert coaching and loving support. Membership is for 3 lunar cycles Check it out here. 

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