Love Goddess

Want to feel desirable and beautiful while radiating your own special brand of awesome?
You’ll have fun, feel present, exquisitely alive and joyful, just for attempting it.

Lets Embody the Love Goddess

Become a Divine expression of love with simple practices that take just minutes. 

 Love your Body, Love yourself– As you reconcile and repair the relationship with your body, you become magnetic while gaining a deeper appreciation of self.                                   

 Experience Feminine Strength–  Get strong! I invite you to gracefully feel into your power and might, like a Goddess. Fierce. Sexy. Wild. Potent. Playful and Brimming with Vitality…Yeah you!

       – Sister Goddess E.E. says:
“I feel more alive then I have my whole life! I always thought I had to choose between strength or beauty, but you’ve shown me how to do both. You are the catalyst for some of the most awesome changes I’ve seen in my life for the past decade!!”  

Move like a love goddess with these sensual and sacred techniques you will enjoy greater ease in your  everyday movements and posture with deliberate grace, strength and beauty while activating your essential self.                                                                                                                

 I feel beautiful, empowered and confident in my sensual inner goddess, Thank you!!”
-Sister Goddess M.M. Brentwood, NY

Heal & Open the Heart  in new, fun and exciting ways to forgive, trust, give and receive more love. Who said it needs to be hard? When you feel joyful, your brain pathways are open and receptive..What else is possible for you? (Everything you want!)

Be open to a partner who is ready to commit (even if you’re single), and is ready to go “all in” with loving you. (AND… you’ll discover how to go “all in” with them, too.)

Invigorate & Heal the Sacral Chakra for a more dynamic experience of pleasure and creativity in your life & relationships.

Heal, release and excavate the treasures of past experiences ; bad relationships, situations, insensitive lovers, sexual trauma, dis-empowering or frightening procedures and beliefs for a greater experience of love, authentic sexuality and self-loving sensuality that stays with you everyday.

” I absolutely love this. You made me feel so comfortable, and you break down everything so that it’s “easy”, but throw in a challenge..So perfect… Thank you. -Sister Goddess R.H. in Mt. Sanai, NY

Be Supported! Get private, personal support in healing, and get a higher perspective of the Love Goddess that you truly are. Discover your true needs and how to get them met, whether you are in relationship or not with private sessions and/or calls with Jessamina and access to the Goddess Sanctuary..

Embody the Love Goddess
and Experience yourself
as a Divine Expression of Love


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