Nothing stops the Pink Moon

It’s a cyclical thing.

Nature stops for no one. The signs of spring; sun’s higher in the sky, soil’s warming up and wet. The hyacinths are showing off bright new flowers. Tulip heads are in tight buds, and it’s still light out after dinner. Violets offer themselves to my lips and the bees are buzzing once again.

Here’s an opportunity to create an intentional life. Spending more time in your own home and garden can force your focus to jack up the intensity of your true purpose. Are you spending your precious energy the way you like? Are you doing the things you love to do?

The wise trees got the signal to start budding out, a riot of a new color…Pink. Pink Full Moon is here. You can do this too. It’s just the kind of urging– Aries energy that’s felt by everyone right now. A fiery go-getter of a sign that doesn’t take no for an answer. So bud-out! A bold attitude inspires the meekest ideas to have an actual voice. An opportunity to take some steps toward your own new reality. The Aries Sun gives you the fire you need to take on all the challenges, and win

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Allow the decisive Amazon Goddess (or Strategic Warrior God) inside you to emerge and set an want something more, something new. Something expressive, something that’s urging more life from you.

But wait there’s more..The ‘pink’ moon is full, round, fertile and beautiful in Libra, which is ruled by Venus. Goddess of Love. You can connect more deeply with a lover, or find that passion you thought you lost. She’s a creation goddess that loves beauty too. The kind that’s exploding all over the natural world -and the kind you radiate, create or appreciate. It’s all holy and good. And your energy levels will ramp up a little higher after you re-structure and re-evaluate your self care. These strange and stressful times require it.

This full moon is all about Balance.

A cosmic timing that asks you to look and see what you need more of… Or less of. What you need to do..and stop doing. What’s fair or unfair. Because after enough injustices you might feel like being blunt, argumentative or act too quickly without thinking it through, but here’s the cool thing about the Libra’ll  help to keep you balanced for a better resolution, no matter what’s coming up. Especially if you’re headed for big changes right now..Libra moon offers her grace, beauty and fairness to everything you do, and makes sure you’re not getting in over your head. ‘Cause Aries wants to go headfirst. (Aries rules the head.) Then, when you’ve taken a breath (or two) you can move confidently forward.

Wherever you feel inspired to uplevel, or shift, or if you’ve been avoiding change for whatever reason, you can be assured that just when you feel that impulse to tear it all down and start over, there can be a balanced approach that can feel just right when you open up to it. I’m all about that. I take change very seriously, and believe that there’s a way to make it in a way that’s in alignment with your innermost self, as well as the greater good.

 Notice that there is a beautiful balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy available now.

The Libra full moon offers a chance for harmony .The Aries/Libra conjunction highlights the incredible dance between the self and others. Perfect time for reflection and noticing how you are relating, presenting, and acting or reacting to your world and your personal relationship to both:

  • masculine roles & feminine roles– because it’s time to discern what you’ve been taught and what you actually believe.
  • indecision & decision
  • conquering & willingly giving
  • blind rage & exposed love– which one shows more strength?
  • control & surrender
  • autonomy & partnership
  • caring for self & caring for others
  • self care & selflessness
  • doing it all yourself & sacred collaboration

Your key relationship(s), business or otherwise, can be even better now. There’s a dynamic in creating enough polarity to keep things interesting and adventurous while honoring your true nature. Relationships of all kinds can be a real joy and I want you to have the best of everything. You deserve all that and more.

As you choose to care for yourself in new beautiful ways, even your daily routine can provide a perfect catalyst for creating more time…(what?? yup. I created a “time-bending training” that’ll shift your perspective fast about what you can and can’t do.) There’s a connection between how you care for yourself and how you care for others, AND how you are treated by others too. Cool, right?

For a deeper awareness of what’s coming up for an inspired change in your life right now, and how to make it happen, check out my online programs and virtual classes. Allow this Full moon energy to empower you and your dreams. Collaboration for the highest good of all is one of my favorite things.

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