Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships
Manage your stress * Enliven your passions, projects and relationships

Open up to new possibilities

Freedom from the tyranny of negativity opens you up to new possibilities.

In other words, your view shifts with your perspective.

Don’t believe me? When you think of someone or something wonderful that happened to you, for you or around you, what are you associating with it?

A feeling? A thought? Good. Let’s stick with that for now.

Time to expand your philosophical views.

Think of creating big space as you draw the bow (of your focus) back.

Expanding your heart. Taking aim.

Using your breath.

Focusing on gratitude for any past successes opens and encourages things that you want to expand in your life …This practice alone will gift you confidence and help you hit the target.

Just so you know, the alternative looks and feels like anger, self-doubt or disappointment, but 180 degrees from that is compassion, forgiveness and wisdom.

They’ve all got a way of growing in your heart as you face your own darkness….creating irreversible deep understanding on more and more levels.

Makes you ripe for healing too.

Healing is a part of your adventure whether you realize it or not.

You’re healing past impressions, stuff you’ve decided to believe -from your family, teachers or mentors.

Healing also from self inflicted wounds, stuff you’ve carried for others, and etheric troubles that you’ve grown used to into your sphere. 

But the adventure is in the releasing. 

Make the introspective darkness work for you, the seasonal shifts can flow easier, self care becomes practical and more fun in the Cosmic Sanctuary,

What’s your target anyway?

This timing is an opportunity to widen your imagination for the future the way you’d really like it to be- Your relationships, habits, the way you spend your time..they’re all a part of your vision. Your perspective too.

It’s OK to want change and not even dare to know how to make it happen. 

Two gifts of Sagittarius season are focus and perspective. 

Sagittarius season is also all about freedom and expansion.

(Those are the forces of the universe that are swelling with possibility and asking for your input.)  

When you expand your ideas & philosophies about yourself to include what you’d like to become– then magic happens.

You get the gift of perspective

It’s good to try to convince your inner ‘know-it-all‘ to be more open- to a wider range of possibilities anyway…that’s when you discover the truth of something big.

This is an opportunity to connect to some wisdom you didn’t have access to before.

spiritual growth is a gift you give yourself


It’s so uplifting to have an impartial unbiased objective person to help you find the lighthearted side of a heavy situation that’s been really hurting your heart, or making your relationships hard. I can help!

Jessamina encourages spiritual progression in a way that is empowering, because of the hands on and practical application her lessons have in everyday life. She offers tools for understanding, enjoyment, connection and the wisdom that self discovery and self care are the first steps towards experiencing this beautiful life to its fullest. It is said that a great teacher doesn’t tell you what to see, they just take you to the best vantage point to experience the view. This is where a journey with Jessamina begins. Highly recommend for those who want to joyfully explore and expand their experience here on this pale blue dot our bodies call home.

Reverend April Smith

Remember to gift yourself some moments of self care

You have to create those few minutes down-time, it’s busy with the holiday overlay.

⭐Maybe you’ve already done this easily with my Holiday Delight Workshop?

This is the part of the year where it’s easy to overcommit yourself.

Don’t skimp out on your self nurturing, it can be as simple as saying no to “a tradition” you don’t feel connected to anymore or taking an extra little step in your routine that makes you feel more confident.

Everybody’s requirements are different, and this season demands more of your presence.

It can be hard to slow down enough to make it happen.

Connecting to your inner divinity, that spark of infinite power is worth the effort and encourages personal growth and development.

Enjoy the self care practices that will take you further, faster and feeling better when you need it.

Tune into a fresh perspective on your goals anytime in the COSMIC SANCTUARY.

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