Open your heart to the gifts of Leo season

Leo’s a roaring hot fire sign. Ruled by the heart. It’s ready to burn away all that isn’t truth. You’re a lion now, and an opportunity to make room for your master plan and your wild creativity. The courage in that first step towards a victory sounds a little like the deep purrrrrr of sexy success.

Now’s the time to raise the bar on your expectations, habits and standards. If you go all in and make a good effort to heal from any dis-empowering life events & relationships- that’ll fuel this transit even more spectacularly. For instance, you’ll have:

Blazing fire to burn away self-doubt
Bright fire for the energy you require to get that thing done.
More fire for your mad creations (and masterpiece gardens & projects …do tell…)
Sizzling fire for hot & sexy stuff.
Wild fire for the brazenness you’re gonna need to speak & live your truth.

Leo is ruled by the Sun that holds you in the light.

For instance, my son says that a bunch of great guitarists are Leos. They tend to stand center stage. However, it’s not always about arrogance, or massive egos…It’s also strength of purpose as you get to know your-self through the Leo archetype. It reveals your heart. Encourages and ensures your growth and heart work through leadership. What you truly desire is for the good of all, and it’s magnified in the cosmic Lion’s gate.

Leo’s fire is activating your astrology natal chart right now. (Get my eyes on your chart in the Sanctuary). First, remember who you are. All that stuff that you thought was scary?…Well this timing is great for being more courageous. You’ve got permission to create an enthusiastic display of your incredible-ness. We love that, Your Highness.

Next, take advantage of more dynamic traits that are hiding out in your psyche in Leo season. The royal, showy, delightfully playful and childlike qualities are available to everyone, especially while the New Moon is ALSO in Leo August 17-19. Mercury in Leo helps will help you be entertaining or talk like a bossy tough guy if you want to –until August 19th.

What to watch out for:

Mars in Aries now through January . This dynamic fire sign is more fuel for this fire. Could be good, but also makes us all a little more aggressive, and impulsively willing to fight anyone. Bumps, bruises and injuries are possible. Try to consciously use this energy physically. Move your body. Test your strength, stand for something, compete against yourself. Mars Aries likes that a lot.

In conclusion, Go ahead and..

  • bust through the oppressive stuff.
  • enjoy some expensive, brand-specific things you love.
  • grab some attention with grace.
  • strut or swagger with confidence, courage and strength.
  • show your big heart, while being fabulously extra & generous.
  • be a tiny bit more self-ish. It’s long overdue.

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