pisces new moon

Where is the magic, mystery and romance? Tune in, it’s everywhere right now. The Winter may still be holding us in it’s icy clutches here in the mountains of PA… But these snowy tree limbs outside my window support a few birds that arrived early, singing.

Wherever you felt dead and lifeless, prepare yourself, and imagine regeneration. The Sun and Moon are in the sign of Pisces…. A completion of a cycle that will begin all over again in the Spring.

Pisces embodiment also looks like compassion, selflessness, and miracles. It’s beautiful stuff, and you have access to this energy now until the March 20th, but especially now. During this new moon phase.

Of course, being a water sign, you may find that emotions are really mutable ..it’s not just you…everyone with strong water (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) in their astrology makeup too.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of the new moon energy:

Do an oracle, tarot, or some kind of intuitive channeled reading for yourself…or do one for someone else. You are so psychic right now!

Meditate and bring some compassion to yourself and others.. wherever it is needed in your life: where have you judged, been unkind, impatient or self-destructive? Allow compassion. Have Faith, now is the time for healing.

It’s important to extend the kindness and compassion to the self, right? So many people who have Pisces or water prominent in their chart can’t bear to see others in pain, but will accept so much suffering in their own life.

Are you ready for some of this subconscious stuff to surface?

I hope so, cause this is where it’s at until March 20th and then the Sun will shift into Aries and it’ll be time for action. This is an opportunity to see where you’ve evolved. Time to let go of elusive dreams that never really felt good anyway. A time for allowing imagination to run towards your awakening faith, and recognition of new joy. Create a clear intention now.

Visualization is very powerful …what would you love to see, feel, experience? (choose some exceptional thoughts to daydream about)
Then drink water infused with good intentions, wishes and love.

Ritual Bathing. AAAAHhhhhhhhhhh yessss. Pisces energy is perfect for magical water rituals..Come to the spa with me. We’ll do some nurturing magic for your spirit together.

Re-assess what you really want. Together we focus on your true intentions with the New Moon Intention Creation process inside the Sanctuary.

(where you can still get the winter bonuses before Spring!)


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