Re-Connect to your self care during the Retrograde.

Retrograde Mercury will make you slow down. Don’t get mad…Ok? You need to be reminded that you can’t control everything. This is what I keep telling myself and it seems to be helping.

mercury retrograde goddess jessamina

Mercury is the Planet & God of communication, travel, commerce and technology. He does a tricky two-step kind of dance 3 times a year. This is one of those times.

March 5th – March 29th

Day #1 of Merc RX: This morning I ripped a contact lens. Luckily I had an emergency 1-day disposable pair of lenses in my (stronger) old prescription. After teaching yoga & grocery shopping I drove down to the vision center to pick up my new prescription & new lenses, long line. Long wait. My turn, and more waiting. Doctor gives me another spare pair. I looked at them twice, knowing it was mercury retrograde, and caught the mistake. My old prescription. More waiting. I told the lady, I had groceries in the car and just wanted to order more…could I call in the order when they are less busy? She said yes. Lotsa waiting, still didn’t finish what I set out to do. I was out of time. Tomorrow’s another day.

You can expect someone will make a mistake, make you wait, delay you again. Something could break or get lost, then you buy new stuff and then return it. Maybe press send prematurely, or text the wrong thing. The wifi cuts out, you have to re-explain it or re-do it…Maybe just start all over again.

Helpful mantra: It’s OK. I can’t control everything. It’s just mercury retrograde.

just breathe. jessamina goddess

Sometimes the delay is perfect … Gives you some time to double-check the details, or make it better, nicer, prettier.

Re-new your vow for better self care. This frustrating timing could test your limits. You can still get access to my favorite strategies for winter self care, before the Sanctuary transitions into spring. We have a few more weeks of this nonsense.

beat the winter blues like a goddess. Jessamina

I know you want to re-fresh your perspective and re-vitalize something..– ..your sex life, your important relationships, workout routine…your skin. You could come meet me at the spa and we’ll do it right!

This is an opportunity to re-evaluate what’s not working and re-visit what was working in the past and get it back in to your life.

Will you need help seeing what that looks like? Probably. We all do. Let’s have a quick chat and get you some clarity

Love you! XO Jessamina

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