Saggitarius Energy for Everyone

What we focus on expands.

Tapping into the seasonal holiday of Thanksgiving and celebrating abundance seems fitting now that the year is almost through.

Goodies, Opportunities, Awesome People and Experiences 

Expect more of this good stuff!

It’s Time to give thanks for all the Goodies you’ve acquired.
The Opportunities you stepped into…or merely considered.
The Awesome People you know and the one’s you want to know better.
The Experiences that made you laugh, Pump your fist with enthusiasm, or made you feel wildly happy and loved…

When we reflect on each of these types of things, we are immediately propelled into the yummy feelings that accompanied them.
If we can clarify and focus on this and acknowledge what we’ve already received,
it helps manifest more of the very things we want and desire right now.  


This time of year the Sun transitions into Sagittarius, a fire sign that likes to EXPAND everything.

 Saggitarius is in everyone’s astrological makeup. But where?

You can find out what “house it’s in” if you have your Natal Astrology Chart handy.

Look for the arrow symbol. That’s Sagittarius.

If you are not familiar enough with Astrology to know what the heck it all means, just trust that the Sagittarius archetype will be activated in you (and everyone else) now to varying degrees. I love utilizing Astrology to add another layer of understanding into the psyche… two of my closest friends are Sagittarius. Love that Fire!

A Goddess associated with Sagittarius is Diana Goddess of the Hunt: An independent Virgin Goddess who wears a short and practical tunic so that she can run and hunt effectively with her hounds. She occasionally hunts men with her bow and arrow who dare to spy on her while bathing in the wild.  The nerve! 

Let’s get back to focus.

Now you are FOCUSING on the wonderful things that we want to expand in your life ...instead of indulging your focus on fear or overwhelm or frustration.

Hit your target, make your mark, achieve your goal when you keep your expansive thoughts clear now through December 2oth,  right before we transition into winter.

Bring your ‘good-stuff-gratitude’ feelings into the physical world (giving it  form and energy) by checking out this handy tool that helps you formulate your desires, while getting clarity on your beliefs and thoughts around it, the emotions attached to it and specifically which actions you’ll need to take to achieve it, and a way to track it. Learn more about connecting to the 4 elements in nature and the element of spirit too when you Try it out here.

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