Scorpio Season

Darkness is full of possibility.

The sun sets around 6 pm and rises just before 8 am here in the blaze-colored mountains. Mornings are less ‘get-up-and-go’ and more ‘sleep-in-and-snooze’. Photo deprivation is settling in. But the relationship between darkness and light has a special place in Scorpio Season.

Those veils between the worlds are parting in the howling wind, giving us a glimpse into the abyss of death and transformation. The dark, depths of your own unconscious can be so intense at this time too. Through piercing self-contemplation you can bring deeper meaning to the conscious light and evolve.  

The hurtful stuff that’s been pushed down through sheer determination, can turn anger into depression quickly, without you even noticing. You might find that this Scorpio timing has locked you into an emotional rut, or has you attached to controlling all situations in an effort to restore some semblance of order. But that would be a misuse of your immense power.

Scorpio is capable of deep psychological pain and spiritual brilliance.

Examine the beliefs that shape your negative thoughts and actions. Your subconscious likes to keep the painful stuff hidden, but this timing can tease it out.  But you’ll have to let go of the old way, welcome it’s death, and prepare for the dramatic rebirth.  

"Ready must thou be, to burn thyself in thine own flame; How could'st thou become new, if thou have not first become ashes?" – Neitzsche Click To Tweet

It can be scary. The fear of the unknown is a real thing, but bringing it up to the light of day with understanding and compassion is totally liberating.

Scorpio is known typically as the scorpion, occasionally as the eagle, and secretly, as the phoenix.  The Scorpio journey takes your through many transitions. Everything has meaning and leads you back to source. Trust in your own process, or get some help with this.

Going deeper to connect to the Goddess within will help you transcend your old self. Your diligence and willingness can create changes that really stick. It’s not going to be surface stuff, it’ll be the real nitty-gritty, good stuff. The new foundational beliefs that’re unshakable. The new passion that’s surrounding your desire, urges it forward, penetrates your reality, and bursts into existence.

You can turn over a new leaf now. Really.

Scorpio rules all things mysterious and secretive.

That includes sex, and sexuality. Use this timing to your advantage…You can attract more passion, stronger bonds and deeper emotional connections now.

You can channel a hotter, sexier version of the relationship you’re already in too.

Scorpio’s super power of personal mastery helps you discover the fears that you have around your desires. The dark phase of the moon is wonderful for setting powerful intentions and releasing fears. Scorpio loves a good mystery, and right now is a perfect time to reveal the real reason you are holding back, not making progress or repeating destructive patterns. 

Want to unravel the mystery, get some traction towards a real transformation, wielding your enormous power like the Goddess you are?  You totally can. Welcome to Scorpio Season.

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