Scorpio Self Mastery

Hello Darkness, my old friend. The sun sets at 5pm and rises just before 7am, if you feel like your get-up-and-go, got up and went, your’e not the only one. Photo deprivation is settling in on all of us in the Northern Hemisphere.  The sense of awe and mystery are wrapped around even the most mundane things. Those veils between the worlds are parting in the wind, giving us all a glimpse into the abyss of death and transformation.  I’m waiting for a clear night to check out the Orionid meteor shower (Look to Orion on these next few moonless nights) It’s been raining for a few days now, making the colorful leaves come down even faster.
Scorpio is an intense, emotional,  WATER sign.
You can turn over a new leaf now. Really.
Because of the intensity, you can create changes that really stick.
It’s not going to be surface stuff, it’ll be the real nitty-gritty.
The reason WHY, the new foundational beliefs that are unshakable, the new passion that’s surrounding your desire, urging it forward, penetrating your reality, and bursting into existence.
But you’ll have to let go of the old way, welcome it’s death, and prepare for the dramatic rebirth.
Scorpio is known typically as the scorpion, occasionally as the eagle, and secretly, as the phoenix. 
Actually, all things mysterious, occult and secretive are under the sign of Scorpio.
That includes sex, and sexuality.
You can attract more passion, stronger bonds and deeper emotional connections now.
You can channel a hotter, sexier version of the relationship you’re already in, too.
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You’ll have an uncanny ability to see through the bullshit with a penetrating eye, like the eagle…don’t let it tempt you into the misuse of your power…stuff like destructive obsessions, unforgiveness and revenge.
The other direction is a deep powerful place of discovering what’s UN-true for you, Examine the beliefs that shape your thoughts and actions. Your subconscious typically keeps that stuff hidden, but this timing can tease it out.  If you’ve found that you’ve formed an identity around certain ideas and statements that you only think are true, and are susceptible to others’ thoughts and judgments, you can end up in a never ending loop of discontent  or unexplained longing. When you find out that some of these beliefs are UN-true, it liberates you.
As you discover that you have some fears around your desires, you’ll learn why you don’t have the very things you think you want. This dark phase of the moon is wonderful for setting powerful intentions and releasing fears. Scorpio loves a good mystery, and right now is a perfect time to reveal the real reason you are holding back, not making progress or repeating destructive patterns. 
Want to unravel the mystery? Try the New moon Intention creator to get some traction towards a real transformation, wielding your enormous power like the Goddess you are.  
Diwali is here. The celebration of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. The triumph of human-made light in the darkness. Light your candles and flick your light switches on to tap into the gratitude and abundance of having light whenever you want it.  You can do this metaphorically too. You are the thinker in your mind. You can choose new thoughts at any time.  Lakshmi is the goddess of attainment. Get the support you need to make these changes through pleasure and abundance here.- XO Jess


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