Sexy Fun Workshop

This is a self study program where you can get great results even if you’re the only one participating in the process. If you can get your partner to commit to the training process too, you’ll be seeing some phenomenal results. Either way, discover and receive:

  • The 6 ways to loving kindness.
  • Easy ways to direct your attention and focus on the things that will create the most positive experiences in your relationship.
  • How to uncover and meet your partner’s secret needs
  • Uncover and get your secret needs met
  • Easier ways to avoid conflict and come together
  • simple strategies for everyday peace, playfulness & passion
  • A private Q&A call with Jess: Ask anything.

Once you’ve learned these strategies, you can use them for other relationships too. Family, friends, co-workers and client relationships can be immensely improved with these practices and perspectives.

Investment: $297

Need more help, private support, self love strategies, accountability, and tons of bonuses *including this workshop? Check out the Sanctuary now.