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Sexy Fun Workshop

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Get great results fast. These are the fundamental practices that shift the aspects of challenge into play and how things can be different TONIGHT. Even if you’re the only one participating in the process, you can change the dynamic to one that’s more loving.

If you can get your partner to commit to any of the processes, you’ll be seeing some phenomenal results. Fast. Either way, discover more about yourself and your partner, no matter how long you’ve been together and receive:

  • The 6 ways to talk to your lover’s heart so you can be understood, loved and cherished more.
  • What to focus on to go to the next level. The things that create the most potent positive experiences (love!) in your relationship are what make you a power couple.
  • How to meet your partner’s secret needs easily, (..and figure out what they are)
  • Uncover and get your real needs met -without having to be manipulating, controlling or begging like a fool.
  • Ways to avoid conflict, solve problems and come together
  • How to transform residual resentment and anger into everyday peace, playfulness & passion
  • Private session with Jess for laser coaching and an insightful astrological assessment with specific strategies for more love and healing …
  • 1 month access to the Self care sanctuary

Once you’ve learned these strategies, you can use them for other relationships too. Family, friends, co-workers and client relationships can be immensely improved with these same practices and perspectives.