Sexy & practical, full moon Taurus

The Scorpio Sun’s energy is mysterious, sexy and intense.  During this timing, so are you. You can sharpen your psychic acuity, trigger a profound metamorphosis, and explore your sexual edges too.

The Taurus full moon is sensual.

Captivating smells, tantalizing tastes and luscious touch can be a thrilling part of heightened sexuality and self-care.  Consider getting silky-soft, luxurious fabrics next to your skin. Light the candles, eat delicious foods. Delight your senses and your inner Goddess will thank you.

Remember that Taurus (like Libra!) is ruled by Venus, the Goddesses of love and beauty, so you might want to put some finishing touches on some of the beautiful upgrades you were working on last month, during the Libra season. Whether that was for your body, image, clothing, decor, project, office, art..(whatever!) it’s all nourishing for your appreciation and experience of sensuality, and worth your time and effort as self care.

There’s a Dark Side, of course….there always is…

Uncovering some of your own destructive patterning, rules and beliefs,  and changing them for good is easier now too. When you’ve taken the time to get into the depths of the subconscious,  (and Scorpio energy will definitely take you there) you can reconcile and call back power from the darker parts of yourself.

" Don’t cling to reason so desperately in a world of so many horrid contradictions." -Anne Rice Click To Tweet

If you’ve been working at it for a long time and not making much progress, just know that it is possible to make great shifts without it being painful. I like to find the most pleasurable path and stay on it to get some traction. It’s a strategy I use with my coaching clients too.

Checking into your astrological chart for the houses that contain Scorpio and Taurus is how you can quickly find out exactly where your power is now, where you’ll likely be triggered and where the point of access to deep transformation is for you. The deeply rooted ways you’re used to doing things or getting your way might have to go. It’s never easy.

But this process can actually become an initiation into your greater self. You get to find out who you are without the old ways. Surprise! That’s the sexy, practical magic of your focus, intention and willingness.  

This powerful full moon adds potency to everything you’re already doing and is a perfect opportunity for intentionally creating the changes you want to see. Taurus, the tenacious Bull, adds even more staying power to the declarations and intentions that you set up now make them count.

Blessings, Jessamina

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