Springtime Magic

The sweet perfume of Mama nature in full effect.

I’ve heard that monks sit downwind of pollen to become attuned to this magical time. I thought I was immune. Pollen alert!! Now I can’t smell anything…The trees are flaunting their blossoms and new shiny leaves, calling me outside for a nature break. It’s so pretty! Pine pollen rains down… I walked out to the sunlit edges of my yard where the dandelions bloom and the violet flowers blow and gently fold back. Hunting around for a fairy lunch.

Dandelions and Violet Flowers are so good for you! Get all your vitamin Bs (and calming, immune boosting, stress-busting goodness) in these edible flowers. Leave some for the bees.

Floralia is the celebration party for the return of the flower goddess, Flora. You can weave a crown of flowering twigs and branches or tuck a few blooms in your hair to connect with the Wild Maiden AND the Queen archetype at the same time .

Makes you feel just like a Love goddess, too!

Springtime is a giant fertility festival, so if you need new energy for your creative project, an old idea that got a little stale… or are literally going for conception, now is a powerful time to do it.

The veils between-worlds are thin too. It’s the exact opposite of Halloween season. Connection with the magical-spiritual realms can be fruitful and easier to access, especially at dawn & dusk.

Healing Sessions are potent now too, especially when assisted by your guides and ancestors. If you can get outside for at least a few minutes of reverie and reflection, you’ll find that connection with the natural realm is powerful medicine! See what’s growing outside.

Springtime connects you to the romance and beauty of it all.. or a even a fresh start. Try these 7 free springtime Goddess strategies to get joy-calibrated and feel great.

A new way of being, of dealing with stress, and healing: The Self care Sanctuary..

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Self care on demand