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Astonishing astronomy now:

You can enjoy the moonlight and Jupiter appearing low in the west-southwest sky around an hour after sunset (around 8-9pm EST) this week..

The Persied meteors visible late night and pre-dawn until the end of the week too. Enjoy!

I love to allow art to move me.  Inspiring images that convey so much more than words.

I see here a victorious woman. She is without fear. Her courage to know the unknowable is present. As is her reverence for power. Infinity is her crown.  I can see, (even though it is not actually there in the painting) her hand held aloft, with a large flaming human heart.  Passion personified, as a victory.

Strength by Emily Balivet

Our Sun is ruled by Leo, the Lion… But what about the “second sun”, Sirius, rising now?

Often associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis and a very important alignment.

The Galactic center is astronomy-astrology talk for the central vortex of the galaxy that we are revolving around. It’s been in alignment with our earth for quite some time now, but reaches a peak on 8/8 (and will continue through the 8/12..I think perhaps even through the rest of the Leo cycle on 8/21 with the new moon and total solar eclipse though). Always being the time of the Leo Sun, and coinciding with the rise of the Sirius star (sun) at pre-dawn darkness into dawn. This was a time celebrated by all in ancient Egypt, as the rising of the Nile transformed the land into a lush fertile oasis.

Since you are likely in North America, and not physically at the great pyramid sight right now, the rising of Sirius will be coming into view for you east-southeast about 45 minutes before dawn around 6am (around 5:15) closer to the end of the week.

But you can totally tune into the “Lion’s Vortex” (gate) now. If you’ve been attuned to reiki by me personally, then you have an extra connection to the Pyramid energy, from when my reiki master received a code download there at Giza and passed it on to me!

Dna sun

Inside you’ll find nudgings to your DNA, your old codes activating (or de-activating). A renewed sense of purpose and presence to your current life.

I suggest meditation and contemplation of all the good things you love on this earth. Gratitude-Attitude. Maybe make a big list, or just revel in each wonderful thing, and ‘see the thing through the eyes of the thing’.

The ancient Egyptians were awesome at this.

Understanding duality from this type of expansive point of view is liberating and integrating at the same time, and according to Jean Houston, creates wholeness.

Ex: I love Fire. This is what it represents to me..

Fire hyroglyphic

..and Fire loves me. This is what fire sees when it looks at me.

Fire goddess hyroglyphic

What do you learn about yourself when you personify something that you love?

Please share in the comments!  Usually there are Universal truths that will come to the surface that others need to hear.

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