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Stargate Sirius – The Lion’s Gate

pyramid ancient egypt sirius lions gate Leo

The Galactic center is astronomy-astrology talk for the central vortex of the galaxy that we’re all revolving around. A key alignment with our earth in the Galactic center, a light chamber inside the great pyramid, and the sphinx create a ‘Lion’s Gate’ right now. It begins (opens) with the time of the Astrological Leo Sun. July 23rd (which just happens to be my birthday), peaks August 8, and continues throughout the fiery Leo Season. With Mars in Aries adding to the Fire.

In Egypt, our “twin sun”, Sirius, appears on the same day, right before our Sun rises, in the same place on the horizon (!) during this timing. It’s only visible for a short while before our own sun rises and our world explodes into the light of dawn. The Sphinx is looking right at Sirius and our Sun while this “gate” is open.

Lions gate Leo sirius

Since you are likely in North America, and not physically in Egypt right now, the rising of Sirius will be coming into view for you about 45 minutes before dawn and at a slightly higher point as each day progresses.

If ever there was a time to wonder outside and marvel at the astonishing universe, it’s right now.

Meteor showers are visible late night, and before the dawn too, until the end of the month. I love to allow awe to move & inspire me, so I’m getting up early to get some Sirius starlight on me.

Infinite isis by sue halstenberg sun sirius jessamina
Art: Infinite Isis by Sue Halstenburg

Sirius is associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis.

Like a divine mother feeding her children, the flooding of the Nile began, with this timing of the rising up of the water as Sirius rises up from on the horizon. The flood would transform the hot desert land into a lush, fertile, oasis now. The twice-powerful suns, traveling through the sky, rising & setting together was a signal to celebrate, and could be counted on for thousands of years before the Aswan Dam.

You can totally tune into the “Lion’s Gate”now, any time of day. If you’ve been attuned to reiki by me personally, then you have an extra connection to the Giza Pyramid energy, from when my reiki master received a power code download on a trip there and passed it on to me. (..and to you!)

ankh DNA egypt codes upgrade jessamina

Inside you’ll find nudgings in your DNA and your old codes, beliefs, and contracts, all activating or de-activating. You’ll feel a renewed sense of purpose and presence as the starlight from the faraway Sirius Star has a direct connection to our planet right now.

I suggest meditation… and contemplation of all the good things you love on this earth. Gratitude-Attitude. Maybe make a big thankful list, or just revel in each wonderful thing, and ”see the ‘thing’ through the eyes of the thing” like the ancient Egyptians did with their hieroglyphics.

The Egyptians were awesome at understanding duality.

From this type of expansive point of view everything is liberating and integrating at the same time. According to Jean Houston, this creates wholeness.

An exercise to experience it here and now.

Choose an object: a noun, a thing you love… Then draw a symbol for it….then what you associate it with. I chose fire for this example. I love Fire. This is what it represents to me…then I chose some keywords. I drew some other symbols and images for these associations surrounding ‘fire’ too, but you don’t have to do that if you prefer words only…Try to create a cohesive sentence (mine’s in red) that means something from your associations.

Fire hyroglyphic

For the second part of the exercise, recognize that your object/thing of choice, loves you too: ex;..and Fire loves me. This is what fire sees when it looks at me. Personifying the ‘noun’. To continue this exercise, draw out what “it” sees when it “looks” at you, and then any word associations, images or symbols that go with that.

Fire goddess hyroglyphic

Try it. What do you learn about yourself when you personify something that you love?  Usually your universal truths will come to the surface and others need to hear it too. Please share what you’ve learned about yourself, your drawings or insights! WE ALL have lots to learn from this way of thinking.

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